45 Best Beyoncé Wedding Songs

beyonce wedding songs

If you’re looking for Beyoncé wedding songs, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled her best love songs for your first dance, when you walk down the aisle, and so much more!

Beyoncé Wedding Songs

After going through her entire discography, we picked out the best songs for your wedding day and organized them by event.

Best First Dance Songs

Best Down The Aisle Songs

Best Father Daughter & Mother Son Dance Songs

Best Reception Songs

Beyoncé First Dance Songs

The best Beyoncé love songs for your first dance. Our top picks are: Perfect Duet, At Last, and 1+1.

Perfect Duet (2017)

Best Lyrics: “I found a love to carry more than just my secrets/To carry love, to carry children of our own”

At Last (1999)

Best Lyrics: “At last/My love has come along/My lonely days are over/And life is like a song”

1+1 (2011)

Best Lyrics: “If I ain’t got nothing, I got you/If I ain’t got something, I don’t give a damn/’Cause I got it with you”

Roc (2008)

Best Lyrics: “I count you as a privilege/This love is so ideal/I’m honored to be in it/I know you feel the same/I see it everyday in all the things you do/In all the things you say”

Die With You (2015)

Best Lyrics: “I open my eyes so I can see with you/And I live so I can die with you”

XO (2013)

Best Lyrics: “Baby, kiss me/Before they turn the lights out/Your heart is glowin’/And I’m crashin’ into you”

XO – John Mayer Cover (2014)

Best Lyrics: “In the darkest night hour/I search through the crowd/Your face is all that I see, I’ve given you everything/Baby, love me lights out”

Halo (2014)

Best Lyrics: “I found a way to let you win/But I never really had a doubt/Standin’ in the light of your halo/I got my angel now”

Halo – Alexander Stewart Cover (2020)

Best Lyrics: “It’s like I’ve been awakened/Every rule I had you breakin’/It’s the risk that I’m takin’/I ain’t never gonna shut you out”

Halo – Madilyn Bailey Cover (2016)

Best Lyrics: “You’re everything I need and more/It’s written all over your face/Baby, I can feel your halo/Pray it won’t fade away”

Beyoncé Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

The best Beyoncé songs for when you walk down the aisle. Our top picks are: Halo (Brooklyn Duo Cover), After All Is Said And Done, and When I First Saw You.

Halo – Brooklyn Duo Cover (2019)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

After All Is Said And Done (1999)

Best Lyrics: “There you are/Always strong when I need you/You let me give/And now I live, fearless and protected/With the one I will love”

When I First Saw You (2006)

Best Lyrics: “When I first saw you/I said “O My”, “O My”/That’s my dream”

Halo – J. M. Quintana Cámara Cover (2015)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Halo – Aston Cover (2011)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Blue (2013)

Best Lyrics: “Make it last forever/Come on, baby, won’t you hold on to me, hold on to me?”

Ave Maria (2008)

Best Lyrics: “I found Heaven on earth/You are my last, my first/And then I hear this voice inside/Ave Maria”

Beyoncé Father Daughter & Mother Son Dance Songs

The best Beyoncé songs for your father daughter and mother son dances. Our top picks are: God Made You Beautiful and Daddy.

God Made You Beautiful (2012)

Best Lyrics: “And your love, it shines so bright/You bring me back to life, back to life/You make everything right, oh”

Daddy (2003)

Best Lyrics: “I want my unborn son to be like my daddy/I want my husband to be like my daddy/There is no one else like my daddy/And I thank you for loving me”

Beyoncé Dance Songs (For Your Reception)

The best Beyoncé songs for your reception. Our top picks are: Crazy In Love, Sweet Dreams, and Love On Top.

Crazy In Love (2003)

Best Lyrics: “Your love’s got me looking so crazy right now/Got me looking so crazy right now”

Sweet Dreams (2008)

Best Lyrics: “You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare/Either way I don’t wanna wake up from you”

Love On Top (2011)

Best Lyrics: “Baby, it’s you, you’re the one I love/You’re the one I need, you’re the only one I see”

Dance For You (2011)

Best Lyrics: “Not only are you loyal, you’re patient with me, babe, yes/Wanna show you how much I really care about your heart”

Break My Soul (2022)

Best Lyrics: “I’m a let down my hair ’cause I lost my mind/Bey is back and I’m sleepin’ real good at night”

Single Ladies (2008)

Best Lyrics: “’Cause if you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it/If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it”

Say My Name – Destiny’s Child (1999)

Best Lyrics: “Say my name, say my name if no one is around you/Say, “Baby, I love you”

Dangerously In Love (2001)

Best Lyrics: “You’re my relation, in connection to the sun/With you next to me, there’s no darkness I can’t overcome”

Get Me Bodied (2013)

Best Lyrics: “Mission one; I’ma put this on/When he see me in the dress, I’ma get me some”

Run The World (2011)

Best Lyrics: “My persuasion can build a nation/Endless power, with our love we can devour/You’ll do anything for me”

6 Inch (2016)

Best Lyrics: “She works for the money, she work for the money/From the start to the finish”

Dreams – BOOTS Ft. Beyoncé (2008)

Best Lyrics: “All my life I’ve been dreaming of you/I’ve been dreaming of you”

Speechless (2003)

Best Lyrics: “Feels so strange, it feels so crazy to be in your world/In your arms, lost for words/You’ve got me”

All Night (2016)

Best Lyrics: “Sweet love all night long/All I wanna, ain’t no other”

Flawless (2013)

Best Lyrics: “But don’t think I’m just his little wife/Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted”

Flawless – Remix (2014)

Best Lyrics: “My man made me feel so God damn fine, I’m flawless!”

Countdown (2011)

Best Lyrics: “Through the good and the bad, still got love/Dedicated to the one I love, hey”

Drunk In Love (2013)

Best Lyrics: “Oh, baby/Drunk in love/We be all night”

Irreplaceable (2006)

Best Lyrics: “To the left, to the left/Everything you own in the box to the left”

Check On It (2005)

Best Lyrics: “Ooh, boy, you looking like you like what you see/Won’t you come over and check up on it”

Baby Boy (2003)

Best Lyrics: “Baby boy, you stay on my mind/Fulfill my fantasies/I think about you all the time/I see you in my dreams”

Hello (2008)

Best Lyrics: “Don’t fly me away/Don’t need to buy a diamond key/To unlock my heart/You shelter my soul/You’re my fire when I’m cold/I want you to know”

End Of Time (2012)

Best Lyrics: “Baby, come on get up on it/Show me that you really want it/I wanna be the one to love you, baby, let’s go”

No Angel (2013)

Best Lyrics: “No, I’m not an angel either, but at least I’m trying/I know I drive you crazy, but would you rather that I be a machine/Who doesn’t notice when you late or when you lyin’?”

Survivor – Destiny’s Child (2001)

Best Lyrics: “I’m a survivor/I’m not gon’ give up/I’m not gon’ stop/I’m gon’ work harder”

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