19 Best Brett Young Wedding Songs

brett young wedding songs

If you’re looking for the perfect Brett Young wedding song, then you’ve come to the right place. Our list of his best wedding songs will help you find the right track for every moment of your big day from your first dance, to when you walk down the aisle, and so much more.

Brett Young Wedding Songs

Whether you need a romantic first dance song or a reception entrance tune to energize your guests, you’re sure to find at least one track on our list of the 19 best Brett Young wedding songs that is perfect for your celebration.

Best First Dance Songs

Best Father Daughter Dance Songs

Best Down The Aisle Songs

Best Upbeat Songs

Best Slow Songs

Brett Young First Dance Songs

The best Brett Young first dance songs are: Would You Wait For Me, Change Your Name, and In Case You Didn’t Know.

Would You Wait For Me (2013)

If I promise you my love
Could that promise be enough
Would you wait for me

Change Your Name (2018)

I just wanna be why you stay
Only thing about you that I’d change is
I’d change your name

In Case You Didn’t Know (2016)

In case you didn’t know
I’m crazy bout ya
I would be lying if I said
That I could live this life without you

Here Tonight – The Acoustic Sessions (2019)

We can just stay here in this minute
Lose all track of time
Let the world spin on without us for a while

Kiss By Kiss (2013)

All my life I’ve been waiting for you
Little by little I’m falling for you
Kiss by kiss I’m falling

Brett Young Father Daughter Dance Songs

The best Brett Young father daughter dance songs are: Lady and Yours To Hold.

Lady (2020)

You’ll always be my baby
But, look at her, baby girl
And you’ll learn
How to be a lady

Yours To Hold (2011)

It doesn’t matter where you are
Just reach your hands into the night
And see I’ve never left your side
Just like I swore so many times

Brett Young Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

The best Brett Young songs to walk down the aisle to are: In Case You Didn’t Know (Jen Msumba Cover), In Case You Didn’t Know (Brieanna James Cover), and In Case You Didn’t Know (Toks Violin Cover).

In Case You Didn’t Know – Jen Msumba Cover (2017)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

In Case You Didn’t Know – Brieanna James Cover (2017)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

In Case You Didn’t Know – Toks Violin Cover (2020)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Brett Young Upbeat Songs

Looking for the perfect way to get the party started? These songs from Brett Young won’t disappoint and are also ideal for your recessional, grand entrance, cake cutting and last dance. The best Brett Young upbeat songs are: Here Tonight, Weekends Look A Little Different, and Chapters.

Here Tonight (2018)

I’m tellin’ you, we’re just one kiss away from heaven
So baby, hold on tight
‘Cause I want to get wrapped up in your love

Weekends Look A Little Different These Days (2021)

I’d never know that I could love like this
‘Cause I never knew a love like this, yеah
It turns out I never knew a thing

Chapters (2018)

Every page you turn
Is a lesson learned
Ain’t we all, ain’t we all just tryna get it right?

Catch (2018)

But then I saw your face
Now you got me tryna
Catch your eye, catch your name
Catch a spark and start a flame

Brett Young Slow Songs

Looking for something more intimate or mellow? These songs from Brett Young are your best bet and are also ideal for your prelude, cocktail hour, dinner, and background music. The best Brett Young slow songs are: Chapters (The Acoustic Sessions), This (Acoustic Version), and Never Til Now.

Chapters – The Acoustic Sessions (2019)

I wish that I knew back then
There’s no perfect life, you can’t hold back time

This – Acoustic Version (2021)

We were hoping for forever
Now we’re standing here together
How could it get any better?

Never Til Now (2022)

Out of all the prayers I’ve prayed
You’re Heaven’s answer

Hallelujah (2017)

It goes like this the fourth, the fifth
The minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing “Hallelujah”

Beautiful Believer (2014)

When I feel I’ve lost my way
She leads me home
She don’t know how much I need her
A beautiful believer

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