40 Fun Bridal Wedding Party Entrance Ideas

bridal wedding party entrance ideas

While your walk down the aisle to say “I do” may be the most important walk you’ll ever make, the entrance you make at your reception with your new spouse runs a close second.

Your grand entrance at your reception is what gets the party started. Whether your wedding is formal and elegant, casual and fun or somewhere in between, having the right entrance for you and your wedding party can really set the mood for the rest of the night.

If you want to take your reception entrance up a notch, we’re here to help. Our guide offers bridal wedding party entrance ideas for different reception styles as well as different interests and dancing abilities.

Bridal Wedding Party Entrance Ideas for a Formal Reception

If you’re hosting a black tie or formal wedding, you’ll, of course, want an elegant entrance to match the overall vibe of your wedding. Here are some beautiful ideas for a classy yet impactful entrance to your reception.

bridal wedding party entrance ideas snow effect

Snow Machine

While you’ll need to receive permission from your wedding venue before booking a snow machine, if you get the go-ahead, this is a great way to achieve a fairytale-style entrance and you can use it for your first dance too.

Dry Ice Machine

A dry ice machine also offers a magical atmosphere and is a good alternative to a snow machine. While it is often used for a first dance, there’s no reason why you can’t also use it to achieve a dramatic reception entrance.


What could be more sophisticated than having a masquerade-themed entrance, complete with elegant masks? You can buy some exquisite masks for couples on Etsy, like this lovely silver set, or hit up Amazon or a costume shop.

bridal wedding entrance ideas confetti drop

Rose Petal or Confetti Drop

If you want a classic entrance, have it rain rose petals or confetti. This is an easy and relatively thrifty way to jazz up your grand entrance while keeping it elegant. You can buy rose petals or confetti online without breaking the bank and have a wedding party introduction to remember.

Arch of Flowers

Similar to the arch of swords you see at a military wedding, you can achieve the same effect with long-stemmed flowers. If you have a large bridal party, you can have each of your bridesmaids form two lines facing each other. When it’s time for the bridal couple to make their entrance, the bridesmaids stretch their arms toward each other and up so their long-stemmed flowers form a corridor for the couple to walk through.

classic car bridal party entrance idea

Classic car

Looking for an entrance with impact? Why not enter your reception in a classic car? While this obviously wouldn’t work if your venue is a fancy ballroom, it is perfect for an outdoor reception or one held in an elegant barn with wide doors.

Bridal Wedding Party Entrance Ideas for a Casual Reception

Casual weddings are the perfect setting for a super fun or unusual grand entrance. If you want something fun, youthful or offbeat, these ideas could be right up your alley.

bridal wedding entrance ideas bubble effect

Bubble Machine

Another way to add some whimsy to your entrance is with bubbles. A bubble machine will give you that wow factor you’re after, but in a tasteful way. Like the other snow and dry ice machines, you can also use it to add atmosphere to your first dance.

bridal wedding party entrance ideas make it rain money effect

Make It Rain Money

Do you want to make it rain at your reception? Purchase some fake $100 bills and have the members of the wedding party make it rain money during your entrance. This is a unique and fun way to enter your reception — and is definitely one guests will be sure to remember.

bridal wedding party entrance ideas corridor of sparklers

Corridor of Sparklers

If you want to light things up at your reception, a corridor of sparklers for your grand entrance will do just that. Not only does it make a visual impact, but it has a fun, laid-back vibe that is perfect for less formal weddings. Add a flashy light show and your guests will really be in the party mood.

bridal wedding party entrance ideas balloon effect

Balloon Release

Nothing says it’s a party quite like balloons. A balloon release is an economical way to make your grand entrance a memorable one. You can even buy them in bulk online in colors that match your wedding theme. If you want to take it to the next level, you can have your wedding party form an entrance arch with balloons as well.

bridal wedding party entrance dirt bike ride

Dirt Bike Entrance

If you’re into dirt bikes, why not make your grand entrance on one? Of course, not all venues are set up for that, but if you are having your wedding at a country venue, you should be able to pull this off. Ride in on the same bike, like this bride and groom rode, or have a matching set so you can each ride your own.

horse bridal party entrance

Horse entrance

If you’re having a country-style reception, arriving at the party on horseback is a natural choice. Perfect for outdoor or barn weddings, you and your spouse can ride on the same horse or have separate mounts. If you’re a nervous rider but love the idea of entering the party on horseback, have the groom lead your horse into the reception. No matter which method you choose, make sure you have help dismounting — especially if you’re wearing a long dress.

Simple Bridal Wedding Party Entrance Ideas

Not every bride or groom wants the headache of arranging a dramatic reception entrance with props. To give your entrance impact without adding to your pre-wedding workload, why not give these ideas a try?

bridal wedding party entrance ideas have dance off

Have a Dance-off

If you have a wedding party who likes to bust a move, why not use that energy and creativity for the reception grand entrance. Have each couple who enters have a dance off and the guests can decide who has the best moves.

While this video shows a dance off style processional, it would work even better for a high-energy reception entrance. Even if your groomsmen are better dancers than your bridesmaids (like in this video), or vice versa, it’s still a lot of fun and is a great way to get the party started.

Charlie’s Angels

If you want to keep it simple but still add some fun to the entrance of your wedding party, ask them to enter the reception doing the Charlie’s Angels pose. This can be done in pairs or in threes, depending on how many people are in your wedding party.

piggy back bridal party entrance idea

Piggyback rides

This entrance idea is a lot of fun and is sure to bring smiles to the faces of your guests. But be sure your wedding party is on board with the idea. The groomsmen need to be prepared to shoulder the load, so to speak, and your bridesmaids need to feel comfortable being carried in that manner. Even if your bridal party isn’t into it, it can still be a cute way for the bride and groom to make an entrance.

Video/photo montage

For couples wanting a special, yet low-key entrance, a video or photo montage depicting their love story is a sweet way to introduce the newly married couple. The montage can act as an introduction and be played just prior to the couple’s entrance or, alternatively, it can be played as they make their way into the reception.

silhouettes bridal party entrance idea


If you’re looking for a simple yet dramatic debut, you can’t go wrong with a silhouette entrance. You can use a projection screen to create a silhouette or have the light crew shine a silhouette spotlight on you. Whichever way you go about it, be sure to have someone announce you as your silhouettes appear.

Music Video Bridal Wedding Party Entrance Ideas

There are a wide range of songs that would work well for group dance, but here are a few of the best for a group entrance. Not only are they a blast to learn but, no matter which one you choose, your guests are sure to be on their feet cheering.


This song from Michael Jackson, the undisputed King of Pop, was a huge hit when it was released in the early ’80s and is still well known today due in large part to the music video. If you want to learn Jackson’s smooth moves so you can make a memorable entrance at your reception, check out the music video or this tutorial. Just remember, this will take quite a bit of practice if you want your wedding party to be smooth and in sync.

Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Similar to Thriller, this song from mids-’90s by the Backstreet Boys would be great for a Halloween wedding, but could also work at other times of the year. While you need to have at least some coordination to pull these dance moves off, it can definitely be accomplished with a bit of practice and dedication from your wedding party. Check out the video here and a tutorial here.


The hit song from the soundtrack of the popular 1980s movie of the same name, Footloose by Kenny Loggins is a song that will energize your grand entrance. Here’s a great tutorial on how to get your groove on to this catchy song or you can take your inspiration from this scene from the remake of the original movie.


This song by Madonna made a huge impact when it was released in 1990 and it’s sure to make just as big of an impact to kick off your reception. Check out the original video here or this tutorial on how to get the moves down. If the full dance is too much for some members of your wedding party, they can stick to doing the “vogue” hand/arm movements.

Uptown Funk

Simple dance moves and a catchy beat make this 2014 song featuring Bruno Mars a natural choice for a funky reception grand entrance. The music video offers great inspiration, or check out this tutorial for more ideas.

Bridal Wedding Party Dance Move Entrances

There’s a wide variety of fun dances that a wedding party can modify to accommodate a grand entrance at a wedding reception. Here are some of the most popular ideas for a fun reception kick-off.

bridal wedding party entrance ideas twist dance

The Twist

This dance dates back to the 1960s and is super easy to learn, not to mention fun to do. Inspired by the dance craze that began in the late 1950s, Chubby Checker’s cover of The Twist can still get people of all ages up and dancing and is a great choice for a grand entrance, Simply have each pair twist their way into the reception venue. Want to learn? Here’s an easy tutorial to check out.

The Running Man

A relatively easy dance step to master, this can be a fun way for your wedding party to make their entrance. If you want to learn how to do the running man, check out this tutorial or see this bridal party in action.

The Hammer Dance

Who doesn’t love a little MC Hammer? Made popular in the 1990s by the award-winning rapper himself, the hammer dance is a lot of fun. While it may not be the ideal dance for long dresses, it works well if your maids have shorter hemlines. If this is the dance you want your wedding party to do, this video will show you how to channel MC Hammer.

bridal wedding party entrance ideas cabbage patch dance

The Cabbage Patch

Another easy dance to do, this one works well despite long hemlines and high heels. Pair it with the right song and it’s fun to do — and may even get your guests into the groove too. Learn the moves here.

The Sprinkler

This silly yet fun dance is super easy to do no matter what your bridal party is wearing. Here’s a hilarious how-to video to help them get the moves down.

The House Party Kick 

If you’re looking for something more advanced, this dance is a high-energy way to enter your reception. If you do choose the house party kick, make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen get a lot of practice in to master the moves.

bridal wedding party entrance ideas roger rabbit dance

The Roger Rabbit 

This hip hop style dance is a blast although it may not be easy to do in three-inch heels. You can have your ladies take their shoes off for the grand entrance to perform the move or simply give them an easier dance and have only the groomsmen do the Roger Rabbit. Here’s the low-down on how to do the moves.

The Heel-Toe

This dance might be a bit hard to do in a long dress so, if you have your heart set on the heel-toe, you might want to have your bridesmaids have a shorter hemline. Here’s a look at the moves you’ll need to master.

Congolese Dance

This high-energy dance is great for a large wedding party and definitely gives the grand entrance some impact. Here’s a wedding party rocking this fun, energetic dance.

Bridal Wedding Party Hollywood Inspired Entrances

If you and your sweetie are movie buffs, incorporating your favorite movie into the grand entrance of your wedding party is a unique idea your guests are sure to love. Here are two ideas to consider:

bridal wedding party entrance ideas red carpet walk

Red Carpet Walk

If you want to introduce some Hollywood glam to your reception, having a red carpet entrance is a nice touch. Your wedding party can walk the red carpet first before you and your new spouse strut your stuff. Be sure to wave and pose for the photographers.

Star Wars Lightsabers

Are you or your future spouse Star Wars fans? If so, why not incorporate a little movie magic into your wedding party’s entrance. Need some inspiration? Check out this battle.

The Office-Inspired entrance

If you and your spouse are fans of The Office, why not channel this scene from the popular sitcom? You can put your own spin on it or follow it exactly, depending upon how large your wedding party is. This entrance from a real wedding is a great model to follow.

great gatsby bridal party entrance idea

Great Gatsby entrance

While the Great Gatsby makes a great overall wedding theme, it can be used solely for your reception entrance too. Have your bridesmaids don a 1920s-style headpiece and the groomsmen wear fedoras and enter dancing the Charleston. Make sure that the headpieces worn by you and your spouse are the most elaborate. After all, you are the stars of the show.

Game Of Thrones

This hugely popular show has inspired more than a few weddings over the past decade, so why not channel this fantasy drama for an unforgettable reception entrance? The groom and his groomsmen can wear Games of Thrones-inspired cloaks and carry swords while the bridesmaids can wear hooded velvet capes. Make sure you stand out by wearing a tiara. Once you’re decked out in your GoT finery, make your grand entrance to the show’s theme song.

Bridal Wedding Party Sports Style Entrances

If you or your soon-to-be Mr. or Mrs. are into sports, then why not bring that sports vibe to your reception. Here are a few ideas that are both easy and fun ways to introduce your wedding party.

bridal wedding party entrance ideas nba sport

NBA Inspired 

If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce your wedding party, channeling the NBA is a great choice. You can get as creative as you want with a short description for each member — and be sure they enter with some swagger. Need some inspiration? This wedding party did it in style.

Rocky Inspired

If you like boxing — or are a fan of the Rocky movies — why not make a grand entrance to the Rocky theme song like this wedding party did. It’s easy to do and is ideal, especially if your wedding party isn’t keen on learning dance moves. You can even have a surprise dance off between the bridal couple at the end to kick it up a notch.

NFL inspired 

NFL fans can incorporate their love of football by donning team jerseys and tossing a football back and forth as they enter to the NFL theme song or the Sunday Night anthem. To take it up a notch, why not have the bridal party act as cheerleaders for the main attraction: the bridal couple.

MLB inspired 

No matter which team you cheer for, you can have a fun and memorable MLB entrance at your wedding. Simply have your DJ or emcee act as your “announcer,” or have it done professionally like this bride and groom. There are a variety of companies offering such services online.

Bridal Wedding Party Entrance FAQs

Have some questions about pulling off a memorable wedding party entrance? We’ve answered all of the most frequently asked questions to help you plan your grand entrance to a T.

How does the bridal party walk into the reception?

Unless you want a non-traditional entrance, one song is usually played for the wedding party’s entrance and a second song is played for just the entrance of the bridal couple. You can choose to have a different song for each couple if you wish, however. This can be effective if they are all going to be doing different dance moves.

Once the newlyweds are introduced and enter the reception area, they should proceed to the dance floor for their first dance.

In what order do you announce the bridal party entrance?

While couples can certainly change things up to suit themselves, this is the typical order people are announced in:

(Please note: We’ve used bride and groom to describe the bridal couple in our example below but same-sex couples can simply swap out the word bride or groom as needed.)

– Grandparents of the bride 
– Grandparents of the groom
– Parents of the groom
– Parents of the bride
– Flower girl and ring bearer

If the grandparents or parents aren’t able or are simply uncomfortable walking into the reception, they can be acknowledged from their seats. The flower girl and ring bearer can walk in with one of the wedding party members or simply wave from their seats with their parents.

– The wedding party 
– The best man and the maid/matron of honor
– The bride and groom

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are usually announced in the reverse order of how they left the wedding ceremony. That means the last bridesmaid and groomsman to leave the ceremony venue enter the reception first.

How do you introduce the wedding party?

The DJ or emcee announces the first couple or person in the entrance line as they enter. The person doing the introductions should announce each person’s name and role in the wedding. Some couples also choose to add a bit of a description about each of the people in their wedding party as well.

After the first person or couple is announced, the emcee will wait until they’ve reached a designated spot before moving onto the next couple.

What are the bests songs for a wedding entrance?

While there is no right or wrong song to play for a wedding entrance, it should be upbeat, have great lyrics and allow the wedding party to move fluidly. Here are some of the best wedding party entrance songs for your reception.

Can’t Stop the Feeling” — by Justin Timberlake
Marry You” — by Bruno Mars
Sugar” — by Maroon 5
Time of My Life” — by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
I Gotta Feeling” — by the Black Eyed Peas
Get the Party Started” — by P!nk
Feel This Moment” — by Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera
Crazy in Love” — by Beyonce ft. JAY Z
Pretty Woman” — by Roy Orbison
Without You” — by David Guette ft. Usher
Thunderstruck” — by AC/DC
Save The Last Dance For Me” — by Michael Bublé
Pour Some Sugar On Me” — by Def Leppard
Happy” — by Pharrel Williams
Everybody” — by Backstreet Boys
You Make My Dreams” — by Hall & Oates 
Everybody Dance Now” — by C&C Music Factory
We Will Rock You” — by Queen
The Loco-Motion” — by Little Eva
Then He Kissed Me” — by The Crystals
Firework” — by Katy Perry

If none of these songs strike your fancy, check out our article on wedding entrance songs. We have 220 fabulous suggestions from every genre and era.

Need some more inspiration? Here are some of our favorite wedding party reception entrances, many of which have gone viral.

Best entrance with an R&B groove
Best entrance with a sports theme
Best bride and groom dance compilation
Best Star Wars-themed entrance
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