Can You Wear a Skirt to a Wedding?

can you wear skirt to a wedding article

If you’ve been invited to yet another wedding and you’re wondering what to wear, you’re not alone. Do you really need to go shopping for yet another dress or can you change up your look? Can you wear a skirt to a wedding?

The good news is that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a skirt to a wedding as long as it matches the event’s formality. That means searching for a skirt that’s not only the right length but in a fabric, color and print that lines up with the ceremony’s dress code.

Our guide can not only help you to choose the right skirt for each style of wedding but offers a ton of great examples of what you can wear.

can you wear a skirt to a wedding understanding dress codes

Can You Wear a Skirt to a Wedding? Understanding Dress Codes 

Wearing a skirt to a wedding can be a welcome change from the usual dress that most female guests gravitate toward. Not only does wearing a skirt make you stand out from most of the other guests, but it allows you to choose from a variety of appropriate tops.

To help you find a skirt for every occasion, here’s an overview of the six main wedding dress codes.

White tie 

When it comes to a white tie wedding, female guests are expected to wear floor-length gowns. But you can definitely wear a floor-length satin, silk or velvet skirt instead. Paired with the right top, an evening skirt can look just as elegant as a gown.

When choosing a top, make sure it’s classy and elegant and doesn’t bare the midriff or a lot of your back. It should also not be low cut, but it can show off your shoulders and arms.

Here are some elegant options perfect for a white tie wedding.

elegant formal emerald satin full skirt etsy maxi green skirt

Black tie 

Less formal than white tie weddings, black tie means you can wear either a long skirt or a shorter hemline. As long as the skirt you choose is meant for fancy dress and the hemline remains below the knee, the sky’s the limit. Be sure to pair it with a sophisticated top and heels to complete your look.

These skirts are all great choices for a black tie wedding.

vivienne maxi co ord skirt phase eight

Formal (or black tie optional) 

While still formal, a black tie optional wedding means you can wear a tea length, a midi or a skirt that hits above the knee. If you do go for a shorter skirt, make sure it doesn’t show too much leg, black tie is all about looking elegant rather than overtly sexy. 

Need some ideas? Here’s three great options.

echo satin skirt bronze


One of the most popular dress codes, semi-formal means you can wear a less formal skirt, but it still needs to be sophisticated and chic. When it comes to hemlines, make sure your skirt passes the fingertip test. If the skirt is shorter than your fingers when holding your arms at your sides, it’s not appropriate for a wedding.

Here are some lovely options for a semi-formal ceremony.

magnolia place white daisy tulle sally swing skirt

Dressy casual 

Similar to semi-formal, dressy casual is a bit more relaxed, giving you a lot of latitude for choosing a skirt. While the vibe of this type of wedding is more laidback, your outfit should still be more dressy than casual. 

These three skirts all fit the bill for a dressy casual affair.

dutchess ruffle skirt mumu


If you’re attending a casual wedding, you may already have a skirt in your closet that would work. When choosing attire for a casual wedding, don’t forget that typical casual wear like denim skirts or corduroy minis won’t work for a wedding. While your look can be casual, it should be sophisticated too. 

These skirts will have you looking your best at a casual wedding.

twirl and flow black belted high low midi skirt lulus

What to Wear When No Dress Code is Stated

Now that you have a handle on wedding dress codes, you can choose your skirt with confidence — as long as your invitation actually lists a dress code. But what if it doesn’t?

Opting for a semi-formal skirt is usually a safe option, but if you don’t want to take any chances, you can read between the lines by checking the time of day and location written on your invite. Want more details? Let’s dive in.

Daytime wedding

Morning and afternoon ceremonies tend to be more casual than weddings held later in the day, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to put as much thought into your outfit. Most daytime weddings are dressy casual or semi-formal, so you’ll definitely need to make an effort. Casual dress should be avoided unless your invitation specifically requests it.

These skirts are all perfect for a daytime wedding.

allister midi skirt chocolate leaf ginghamandheels

Evening wedding

Hosted at 6 p.m. or later, evening weddings tend to be more formal than daytime ceremonies. Black tie and white tie are an option, but are unlikely if not stated on the invitation. If no dress code is stated, a black tie optional or semi-formal outfit is your best bet. 

These skirts will have you looking fab for an evening wedding.

royal lace pencil skirt

Church wedding

If you’re attending a church wedding ceremony, your skirt needs to be modest. That means no thigh-high slits or brief hemlines. To be safe, opt for a skirt that hits below the knee and pair it with an elegant blouse. If you’re attending a Catholic ceremony or a wedding at any ultra-conservative place of worship, making sure your shoulders are covered is a sign of respect. 

These skirts are all a good starting point for a church wedding.

white and black dot high waisted swing skirt

Beach wedding

A ceremony held on the beach is the perfect time to choose a brightly patterned skirt. Maxi skirts, peasant skirts, above-the-knee skirts — they are all fair game. Even though beach ceremonies are typically more relaxed, a wedding is not the time to show a lot of skin, so be mindful when choosing a top that you aren’t showing off your cleavage or baring your entire back.

Here are some good examples to get you started.

island experience white tropical print maxi skirt

Garden wedding

A garden wedding is all about those English tea party vibes: pretty, feminine and ladylike. And those are the exact attributes your skirt should have. Pretty florals and flowy materials are ideal, especially when paired with a feminine blouse or top and a complimentary hat.

These skirts in varying lengths are all great choices for a garden ceremony.

morning lavender eleanor floral maxi skirt

Country wedding

If you’re attending a wedding held in a farmer’s meadow or even in a barn, don’t even think about wearing a denim skirt. Even if the ceremony is in a rustic location, your outfit should not reflect that. Instead, opt for a dressy casual or semi-formal skirt in a pretty pattern. A lace skirt is also a great choice.

Need some examples? These skirts were made with country nuptials in mind.

petal and pup au bottoms gretel skirt pink

What Type of Top Can You Wear With a Skirt to a Wedding?

Now that you’ve decided to wear a skirt, it’s time to think about what top you will pair it with.

Blouses, knit tops and blazers all work beautifully with a skirt. Just make sure any top you choose is appropriate for the dress code and isn’t too revealing. Showing a lot of cleavage isn’t in good taste at any style of wedding. Think classy rather than flashy.

Here are some great examples of wedding appropriate tops.

woman blouse lace long sleeved
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