Can You Wear Sequins to a Wedding?

can you wear sequins to a wedding

Knowing what to wear to a wedding is more complicated than ever. With some of today’s brides opting to wear a colored dress, a mini or even a jumpsuit, there just aren’t the same rules and restrictions there once were.

So, can you wear sequins to a wedding?

Yes! Sequins are no longer just for evening gowns but are appearing on even casual outfits. The key is knowing what sequined ensembles are appropriate for the style of wedding you’re attending. 

Read on to learn more about the best ways to wear sequins to a wedding.

Can You Wear Sequins to a Wedding? Figure Out the Dress Code 

If you enjoy wearing sequins, there’s no reason you can’t wear them to a wedding. But how you wear them — and how many you wear — will depend on the wedding’s dress code. The more formal the event, the more sparkle you can get away with.

If your invite doesn’t list a dress code, consider what time the wedding is taking place. Earlier weddings are generally less formal, meaning less bling is appropriate.

Let’s take a look at the different dress codes and examples of what you can wear to each style of wedding.

Can you wear sequins to a black tie wedding?

In a word? Yes! Sequins are a great choice for a black tie wedding. The only rule is to balance the level of sequins with the amount of skin you’re showing. 

Remember, no guest should steal attention from the bride. But if you arrive in a sparkly evening dress with a low-cut bodice and thigh-high slits, the amount of skin you’d be showing combined with a sparkly material would be seen as tacky and attention-grabbing. So, if you want to wear a fully-sequined dress, be sure you choose something elegant rather than sexy. 

If you’d rather show a bit of skin, then you’ll need to scale back on the bling. Just remember that weddings are not the place for plunging necklines, short hemlines or thigh-high side slits.

Black tie attire examples with sequins:

sequins dress to wedding sequined evening gown korinna dress

Sequined evening gown

Despite having shoulder to hem sequins, the Korinna dress isn’t ostentatious because the bling is balanced by a conservative neckline and a floor-length hem without any slits. Even the attractive keyhole back, doesn’t detract from the modesty of the cut.

sequins dress to wedding evening gown galina signature

Evening gown

Glistening sequins adorn only the corset bodice of this Galina Signature sheath dress. With its sexy, v-neck, illusion bodice and skin-baring back, this dress remains appropriate for a wedding because of the minimal sequins. While there are certainly sexier silhouettes available when shopping for evening gowns, remember not to choose anything too revealing. Super sexy dresses may be fine for the club but are a major faux pas at a wedding.

Are sequins appropriate for a formal wedding?

Sequins also work well for a formal wedding because they are typically held late in the day. If you’re attending a formal wedding, an evening gown or cocktail dress is the way to go. 

Again, it’s important to keep your overall look simple if you choose a dress with a lot of sequins. Think minimal jewelry, understated makeup and hair and neutral shoes and purse.

Formal women’s attire examples with sequins:

sequins dress to wedding evening dress navy blue gown

Evening dress

The shimmery leaf design of this navy blue gown adds just the right amount of sparkle for a gown that is elegant yet subtly sexy. The v-neckline is low, but not deep enough to show an inappropriate amount of cleavage. If you’re busty, however, you may want to consider a dress with a slightly higher neckline. 

sequins dress to wedding cocktail dress norma dress

Cocktail dress

This embroidered Norma dress features shimmering sequins in all the right places. Yet thanks to its below-the-knee length and modest neckline, it isn’t too flamboyant for a formal wedding. Be sure to wear neutral shoes and minimal jewelry such as a pair of emerald studs and, if you’re married, your rings.

Can you wear sequins to a semi-formal wedding?

Semi-formal is one of the most popular wedding dress codes and is typically used for ceremonies before 6 p.m. While that does mean your dress will be less formal, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo sequins. You can wear a cocktail dress, a garden party dress, a dress and jacket ensemble or a jumpsuit. 

Semi-formal women’s attire examples with sequins:

sequins dress to wedding cocktail dress petaluma dress

Cocktail dress

Despite being coated in sequins and beading, the Petaluma dress is pretty rather than flashy thanks to its modest high neckline, short sleeves and knee-length hemline.

sequins dress to wedding garden party dress courtney dress

Garden party dress

Fuchsia-colored sequins make up the floral design on this below-the-knee, sleeveless Courtney dress. This dress can be dressed up with a shawl and heels or down with wedges and a cardigan.

seqiuns dress to wedding dress and jacket navy ensamble

Dress and jacket

Whether you’re the mother of the bride or groom or simply prefer to wear a matching dress and jacket set, this navy ensemble is perfect for a winter wedding. The sequin detailed jacket adds a little extra warmth to the sleeveless dress, which also features sequins on the bodice.

sequins dress to wedding jumsuit one shoulder jumsuit


This asymmetrical one-shoulder jumpsuit from Adrianna Papell is perfect for a semi-formal wedding. Basic black pants and a sparkly bodice can be enhanced with a belt or left as is. Try pairing your pantsuit with heels or wedges and keep your jewelry minimal. Subtle earrings and a bracelet work well, but avoid wearing necklaces of any kind so your jewels aren’t competing with the sequins.

Are sequins appropriate for a dressy casual wedding?

Dressy casual may not seem conducive to sequins, but there are ways you can make it work. You can choose to wear a garden party dress, a skirt and top ensemble or a jumpsuit, but keep the sequins a bit more minimal — head-to-toe sequins won’t work with a dressy casual dress code.

Dressy casual women’s attire examples with sequins:

seqiuns dress to wedding garden party dress mac duggal dress

Garden party dress

Sequined embroidered florals are perfect for semi-formal nuptials. With its tiered skirt and sheer bracelet-length sleeves, this Mac Duggal dress is covered in a floral sequin pattern that is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

sequins dress to wedding skirt and top ansemble sequin skirt

Skirt and top ensemble

A sequin skirt is a surprisingly versatile piece and can be dressed up or down to match the occasion. For a dressy casual wedding, try pairing a knee-length sequin skirt with a plain sleeveless blouse and some wedge heels. You can swap in knee-high boots and add a thin cardigan for a cooler-weather wedding.

sequins dress to wedding jumsuit sequin topped jumsuit


If you don’t like wearing dresses, this sequin-topped jumpsuit is perfect for a semi-formal celebration. Mimicking a pants and blouse set, this wide-leg jumpsuit would look great with high heels or wedges.

Can you wear sequins to a casual wedding?

While you’d definitely look out of place at a casual wedding wearing a sequin gown or jumpsuit, there are a few ways you can wear sequins, even to the most casual of weddings.

Sequin FAQ: What Is and Is Not Acceptable

No matter what style of wedding you’ve been invited to, there are certain points of etiquette that should never be breached. Keep these important points in mind when choosing your outfit to avoid upsetting the bride or groom.

Can you wear sequins during the day?

If the wedding you’re attending is during the day or is more casual, wearing too much sparkle can be tacky. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo bling altogether. The key is to match your outfit to both the style of the wedding and the time of day.

Late morning and afternoon weddings tend to be either semi-formal or dressy casual, so showing up in a long sequined gown would definitely be overkill. Instead, look for outfits that have the sparkly details that you favor but are still appropriate for the dress code.

This dress from BooHoo would be a lovely choice for a semi-formal afternoon wedding:

sequins dress to wedding boohoo dress

A sequined shirt with a pencil skirt and wedge heels would be perfect for a dressy casual affair. This sequined surplice top would look pretty and polished with either a skirt or a pair of elegant trousers.

sequins dress to wedding sequined surplice top

Can you wear sequins all year round?

While sequins used to be relegated to holiday celebrations like Christmas and New Years, they can now be worn any time of the year if properly accessorized. The key to looking great, instead of overdressed or gaudy is to match your outfit to the occasion.

The basic rule of thumb is, if you’re wearing sequins during the day, keep your look casual. If you’re wearing sequins in the evening, you can go more glam. If you’re wearing sequins for a wedding, however, match your look to the dress code.

How do you accessorize sequins?

The sequins on your outfit should take centerstage in your overall look. And that means wearing minimal jewelry and accessories.

Other than your wedding and engagement rings if you’re married, stick to simple pieces like stud earrings or small plain hoops. Thin unembellished bracelets can also work but you should avoid necklaces if you’re wearing a sequined top or dress.

Sequined outfits also look best with neutral shoes and purses and plain hair clips, if you’re using them to put up long hair.

Can I wear white sequins to a wedding?

There’s no getting around it, wearing white in any form is bad form simply because it’s always in poor taste to upstage the bride. The only exception to this rule is if white sequins are a small part of a larger pattern.

This black sequin dress is completely appropriate for a formal wedding, despite having some white in its floral pattern. This black and white dress would be a tacky choice, however, because it could, potentially, be mistaken for a wedding gown.

Can I wear silver sequins to a wedding?

Silver sequins can also be a bad idea to wear to a wedding as a guest. As more and more brides opt for less traditional colors such as champagne, blush and silver, wearing a predominantly silver outfit could, potentially, put you in direct competition with the bride.

If you’ve been invited to a formal wedding that requires an evening gown, showing up in a gown like this could make it seem like you’re trying to upstage the bride. Even a slimmer silhouette like this Portia and Scarlett dress could be mistaken for a bridal gown.

If, however, you wear a silver sequin skirt with a jewel-toned blouse or don a pair of sequin-bedecked silver pumps, you won’t be competing with the bride, no matter what she’s wearing.

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