25 Chris Cornell Wedding Songs

chris cornell wedding songs

If you’re looking for Chris Cornell wedding songs, our list can help you find everything from love songs to tracks that make you want to dance.

Chris Cornell Wedding Songs

Of the 25 best songs, we picked out our favorites (along with recommendations of when to play each one).

Best First Dance Song — Patience

Best Lyrics: “Said, woman, take it slow and things will be just fine/If you and I just use a little patience/Said, sugar, take the time, ’cause the lights are shining bright/You and I got what it takes to make it”

Best Father Daughter Dance Song — Only These Words

Best Lyrics: “Daddy’s little girl in his arms/Well, they sit upon his throne/Who is that thief hiding in the dark?/Just a little girl who stole his heart”

Best Ceremony Song — Before We Disappear (Cover)

Best Lyrics: “How hard can it be to share your life with me?/How hard can it be to rise with me each morning?/I know that it feels like we will live forever/But I fear that time will hide the years”

Best Reception Song — Be Yourself

Best Lyrics: “To be yourself is all that you can do”

Chris Cornell Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To (For Your Ceremony)

The best tracks to play during the prelude (when guests arrive), for your processional (when you walk down the aisle) or your recessional (when you exit the ceremony).

Black Hole Sun Harp Cover (2020)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Like a Stone Piano Cover (2014)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Chris Cornell Songs for Your First Dance, Father Daughter, and Mother Son Dances

The perfect tracks for your first dance and family dances.

Thank You Cover (2011)

Best Lyrics: “And so today, my world it smiles/Your hand in mine, we walk the miles/Thanks to you it will be done/Because you to me are the only one”

Before We Disappear Acoustic Version (2015)

Best Lyrics: “But somewhere out there past the storm/Lies the shelter of your heart”

Roads We Choose (2007)

Best Lyrics: “Whenever I’m hurt, you are my nurse/You stand beside me through all seasons/You’re patient when I’m slow, warm when I’m cold/You’re everything I’m not, you know everything I don’t”

Someone To Die For (2000)

Best Lyrics: “Someone to die for/Someone to fall into when the world goes dark/Someone to die for/Someone to tear a hole in this endless night/Someone like you”

Heart Of Honey (2010)

Best Lyrics: “Burning candles in our hands/Holding vigil from your glider/Pulling planets from the sand/Heart of honey you’re my light”

Josephine (2015)

Best Lyrics: “My sweet Josephine/Won’t you come and marry me?/I got every kind of love that you will ever need/Dying here on bended knees”

Dandelion (2005)

Best Lyrics: “I will ride by your side/Wherever you go/I won’t run, I won’t hide”

Let Your Eyes Wander (2015)

Best Lyrics: “When you find love/And it gets away/If it comes back to you/Then it will stay”

Chris Cornell Songs To Dance To (For Your Reception)

These tracks are guaranteed to make your reception a good time, and can also be used as your reception entrance/exit songs.

Like a Stone (2003)

Best Lyrics: “In your house, I long to be/Room by room, patiently/I’ll wait for you there like a stone/I’ll wait for you there alone”

Imagine Cover (2011)

Best Lyrics: “You may say I’m a dreamer/But I’m not the only one/I hope someday you’ll join us/And the world will be as one”

I Am the Highway (2002)

Best Lyrics: “I am not your rolling wheels/I am the highway/I am not your carpet ride/I am the sky”

Peace Love And Understanding Cover (2006)

Best Lyrics: “But each time I feel it slippin’ away/Just makes me wanna say, what’s so funny ’bout/Peace, love and understanding?/ Oh, what’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding?

Moonchild (1999)

Best Lyrics: “You’ll be alright/If you’d only/Come away in the moon/Yeah/Come away in the moon/In the blue shine”

Never Far Away (2009)

Best Lyrics: “I’ll never say goodbye/You gotta know I’ll stay beside you/Right till the day I die”

Safe And Sound (2007)

Best Lyrics: “Why can’t we pull this together?/One and all, now and forever/Why can’t we pull this together?/And we can say we finally found the world around us/Safe and sound”

Watching The Wheels Cover (2020)

Best Lyrics: “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round/I really love to watch them roll/No longer riding on the merry-go-round/I just had to let it go”

Watch Out (2008)

Best Lyrics: “Hey hey/Watch out!/She keep on going when the light turns red/Watch out!”

Sunshower (1998)

Best Lyrics: “It’s alright, though your garden’s grey/I know all your graces someday will flower/In the sweet sunshower”

Dusty (1996)

Best Lyrics: “And nothing’s going to put me out/It’s backing down and under/I’m down on the upside now/It’s turning back around”

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