13 Best Chris Stapleton Wedding Songs

chris stapleton wedding songs

If you’re looking for Chris Stapleton wedding songs, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled his best love songs for your first dance, reception, and so much more!

Chris Stapleton Wedding Songs

After going through his entire discography, we picked out the best songs for your wedding day and organized them by event.

Best First Dance Songs

Best Reception Songs

Chris Stapleton First Dance Songs

The best Chris Stapleton love songs for your first dance. Our top picks are: Tennessee Whiskey, Millionaire, and More Of You.

Tennessee Whiskey (2015)

Best Lyrics: “You’re as warm as a glass of brandy/And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time”

Millionaire (2017)

Best Lyrics: “’Cause love is more precious than gold/It can’t be bought, no, and it can’t be sold”

More Of You (2015)

Best Lyrics: “My heart took me over and gave me no choice/And right then I knew”

More Of You – Acoustic Version (2015)

Best Lyrics: “Again and again/I fall more in love with you/Than I’ve ever been”

Tennessee Whiskey – Teddy Swims Cover (2015)

Best Lyrics: “’Cause there’s nothin’ like your love to get me high”

When I’m With You (2020)

Best Lyrics: “I feel like a dreamer/That’s had all his dreams come true/Like my skies are all blue/When I’m with you”

Joy Of My Life (2020)

Best Lyrics: “Did I tell you, baby/You are the joy of my life?”

Chris Stapleton Dance Songs (For Your Reception)

The best Chris Stapleton songs for your reception. Our top picks are: Arkansas, Starting Over, and Second One To Know.

Arkansas (2020)

Best Lyrics: “Havin’ so much fun that it’s probably a little bit against the law”

Starting Over (2020)

Best Lyrics: “Someday we’ll look back and smile/And know it was worth every mile”

Second One To Know (2017)

Best Lyrics: “Don’t put my love on your back burner/Never let anything that hot get cold”

When The Stars Come Out (2015)

Best Lyrics: “And I’m bettin’ on you, and you’re bettin’ on me”

Midnight Train To Memphis (2017)

Best Lyrics: “Forty nights to sit and listen/To the midnight train to Memphis”

Devil Always Made Me Think Twice (2020)

Best Lyrics: “I knew you were trouble/But you’re just the kind of trouble I crave”

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