17 Best David Bowie Wedding Songs

david bowie wedding songs

If you’re looking for David Bowie wedding songs, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled his best love songs for your first dance, reception, and so much more!

David Bowie Wedding Songs

After going through his entire discography, we picked out the best songs for your wedding day and organized them by event.

Best First Dance Songs

Best Down The Aisle Songs

Best Father Daughter Dance Songs

Best Reception Songs

David Bowie First Dance Songs

The best David Bowie love songs for your first dance. Our top picks are: Heroes, The Prettiest Star, and As The World Falls Down.

Heroes (1977)

Best Lyrics: “I, I will be king/And you, you will be queen/Though nothing will drive them away/We can beat them just for one day/We can be heroes just for one day”

The Prettiest Star (1973)

Best Lyrics: “How you moved is all it takes/To sing a song of when I loved/The prettiest star”

As The World Falls Down (1986)

Best Lyrics: “I’ll paint you mornings of gold/I’ll spin you Valentine evenings/Though we’re strangers until now/We’re choosing the path/Between the stars”

God Only Knows (1984)

Best Lyrics: “I may not always love you/But as long as there are/Stars above you/You’ll never need to doubt it/I’ll make you so sure about it”

David Bowie Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

The best David Bowie songs for when you walk down the aisle. Our top picks are: Modern Love, Space Oddity, and Fashion.

Modern Love (1983)

Best Lyrics: “Gets me to the church on time/Terrifies me/Makes me party/Puts my trust in God and man/No confessions/No religion/Don’t believe in modern love”

Space Oddity (1969)

Best Lyrics: “Ground Control to Major Tom/Commencing countdown, engines on/Check ignition and may God’s love be with you”

Fashion (1980)

Best Lyrics: “Fashion! Turn to the left/Fashion! Turn to the right/Ooh, fashion!/We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town”

Life On Mars – The String Quartet Cover (2017)

Instrumental (no lyrics) 

Life On Mars – Symphonic Orchestra Cover (2018)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

David Bowie Father Daughter Dance Songs

The best David Bowie songs for your father daughter dance. Our top pick is: Kooks.

Kooks (1971)

Best Lyrics: “Will you stay in our lovers’ story?/If you stay you won’t be sorry/’Cause we believe in you/Soon you’ll grow, so take a chance/With a couple of kooks hung up on romancing”

David Bowie Dance Songs (For Your Reception)

The best David Bowie songs for your reception. Our top picks are: Let’s Dance, Under Pressure, and Be My Wife.

Let’s Dance (1983)

Best Lyrics: “Let’s dance/Put on your red shoes and dance the blues/Let’s dance  to the song we’re playing/Let’s sway, let’s sway under the moonlight, this serious moonlight”

Under Pressure (1981)

Best Lyrics: “Because love’s such an old-fashioned word/And love dares you to care for/The people on the edge of the night/And love dares you to change our way of/Caring about ourselves”

Be My Wife (1977)

Best Lyrics: “Please be mine/Share my life/Stay with me/Be my wife”

The Wedding Song (1993)

Best Lyrics: “Heaven is smiling down/Hеaven’s girl in a wedding gown/I’m gonna be so good/Just likе a good boy should/I’m gonna change my ways”

Golden Years (1975)

Best Lyrics: “I’ll stick with you baby for a thousand years/Nothing’s gonna touch you in/these golden years”

Fame (1975)

Best Lyrics: “Fame, what you like is in the limo/Fame, what you get is no tomorrow/Fame, what you need, you have to borrow”

Rebel Rebel (1974)

Best Lyrics: “Hey, babe, let’s go out tonight/You like me and I like it all/We like dancing and we look divine”

Without You (1983)

Best Lyrics: “There’s no smoke without fire/Woman, I love you/Without you/What would I do?”

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