David’s Bridal Appointment: 7 Essential Tips For A Good Experience

Choosing your dream gown is, arguably, the most exciting part of planning your wedding. It’s an experience every bride wants to remember with fondness and nostalgia.

If you’re starting your search for the perfect dress at David’s Bridal, we’ve got the lowdown on how to make sure your appointment is a good one. 

From avoiding Saturday appointments to coming prepared with your own shapewear, here are the seven most important things to keep in mind to ensure you have a great experience at David’s Bridal.

7 David’s Bridal Appointment Tips: The Dos and Don’ts

To maximize your time at David’s Bridal, keep these seven tips in mind:

1. Do choose the salon with care

Not every David’s Bridal salon is created equal, so do your research before choosing which salon to go to.

Online reviews are a good way to gauge the type of experience you can expect at a salon. Google reviews, forums like Wedding Wire and online review sites can all be helpful in deciding which salon is a good fit for you.

2. Do schedule an appointment

While David’s Bridal can accommodate walk-ins, there is no guarantee you’ll get good service if the bridal consultants are busy with brides who booked appointments. Brides with appointments will always be their first priority.

If you schedule an appointment, however, you’ll be sure to receive personal attention and service from your assigned consultant for the duration of your time at the salon.

3. Don’t book your appointment on a Saturday

Saturdays are always a bit chaotic at bridal salons. Unless Saturday is the only day you are free to go wedding dress shopping, we recommend booking during the week. If the weekend is the only time you can go, Sunday is a better choice. 

Consultants are often stretched thin on Saturdays and are forced to split their time between multiple brides. 

If you’re a bride who wants the undivided attention of your bridal consultant, Saturday appointments should be avoided like the plague. Mondays through Thursdays are always your best bet for a quieter, more relaxed experience. 

4. Do save your favorites

Saving your favorite dresses online will help your consultant to get a handle on your personal style and preferences. You should also make a note of your likes and dislikes and share that with your consultant before she starts pulling dresses for you. 

For instance, if you dislike strapless dresses, but love lace, letting your consultant know will help her find dresses that fit your criteria. This will save her time and effort and ensure you aren’t trying on dresses you’ll loathe.

5. Don’t go alone

Taking your mom, sister or your maid of honor to your appointment is always a good idea. Aside from offering moral support, having a few trusted family members or friends with you makes the experience even more special.

Not only does it give you a second opinion on if a dress is right for you, you can have a friend or family member take pictures to document your experience if you find the perfect dress.

If you do happen to go on a very busy day or without an appointment, having a few friends there also means you’ll still have help getting in and out of the dresses, even if your consultant is called away.

6. Do know your measurements

Taking the time to measure your bust, waist and hips and matching them up with a David’s Bridal online size chart ensures you’ll go to your appointment prepared. 

Knowing your size ahead of time also means you’ll have more time for looking at and trying on dresses instead of wasting precious minutes at the beginning of your appointment trying to determine which size is right for you with your consultant.

7. Do come prepared

Being well prepared for your appointment is essential to having a great experience. And that means bringing appropriate footwear and undergarments. 

While many David’s Bridal salons do have shapewear on hand, it’s still a good idea to bring your own, especially if you want to wear something specific or you wear a size that is less common.

When going wedding dress shopping, you should bring:

  • High heels (if you plan to wear them on your wedding day)
  • A strapless bra (padded if you want to increase your bust size)
  • Spanx or your shaper of choice (if you require extra support)
  • Nude-hued thong (if you plan to try on slim fitting silhouettes)

Answers to the Top 7 David’s Bridal FAQs 

Still looking for info? Here’s everything you need to know:

How do you schedule an appointment at David’s Bridal?

Scheduling an appointment with David’s Bridal is as simple as hopping on the website and choosing the type of appointment you need.

You can choose from bridal, bridal party, special occasion, prom and homecoming or alterations before choosing the store you wish to shop at. Once you’ve selected a store, simply enter your contact info and then confirm your information before clicking ‘book now.’

How long is a David’s Bridal appointment?

A scheduled appointment with David’s Bridal runs for 60 to 90 minutes for bridal and bridesmaids depending on the location.

Does David’s Bridal take walk-ins?

Yes, David’s Bridal does accept walk-ins but there is no guarantee you’ll get the help you’ll need. If the bridal consultants are busy with brides who scheduled appointments, you could be left to fend for yourself. 

To ensure you receive the level of personal attention you want, it’s wise to call ahead for an appointment.

How much does a David’s Bridal appointment cost?

There is no charge to schedule an appointment at any David’s Bridal salon.

What is David’s Bridal appointment cancellation policy?

Appointments can be canceled with David’s Bridal at any time. And, because there is no fee to set up an appointment, there is no penalty to cancel or reschedule.

How do you cancel or reschedule a David’s Bridal appointment?

The confirmation e-mail you received when you first booked your appointment should contain a button that you can click to cancel or reschedule.

You can also call your local David’s Bridal store directly or send a message through their contact page.

What is a David’s Bridal virtual appointment?

If you want to order online, but wish to speak to a stylist before making a choice, you can set up a virtual appointment. Head to the David’s Bridal website and choose between a half hour Zoom or a phone appointment.

Not only does this give you a chance to talk one-on-one with a stylist, you can choose a time that works with your schedule.

If you choose Zoom, you can share the link with your mom, sister or best friends so they can be part of the appointment too.

You will also receive a link in your confirmation e-mail that you can click to give your stylist information about yourself and what you’re looking for in a dress. This enables the stylist to be better prepared to help you during your 30-minute session.

During the conversation, your stylist will share personalized dress recommendations with you and can even order your gown if you make a decision during the session.

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