21 Best Deftones Wedding Songs

deftones wedding songs

If you’re looking for Deftones wedding songs, our list can help you find everything from love songs to tracks that make you want to dance.

Deftones Wedding Songs

Of the 21 best songs, we picked out our favorites (along with recommendations of when to play each one).

Best Ceremony Song — Deftones Go Classical Medley

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Best First Dance Song — Entombed

Best Lyrics: “From the day you arrived/I’ve remained by your side/In chains, entombed”

Best Father Daughter Dance Song — Risk (2010)

Best Lyrics: “You’re locked up, you exit/You did it before and I seen it/Come outside and breathe in/Relax your arms and let me in”

Best Mother Son Dance Song — Simple Man

Best Lyrics: “Oh, take your time, don’t live too fast/Troubles will come and they will pass/You’ll find a woman and you’ll find love”

Best Reception Song — Smile

Best Lyrics: “We cruise together/It’s me and you ’til the end”

Deftones Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To (For Your Ceremony)

The best tracks to play during the prelude (when guests arrive), for your processional (when you walk down the aisle) or your recessional (when you exit the ceremony).

Entombed Piano Cover (2020)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Sextape Instrumental (2010)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

U U D D L R L R A B Select Start (2006)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Rosemary – Instrumental (2012)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Deftones Songs for Your First Dance, Father Daughter, and Mother Son Dances

The perfect tracks for your first dance and family dances.

Drive (2006)

Best Lyrics: “Who’s gonna hold you down/When you shake?/And who’s gonna come around/When you break?”

976-Evil (2010)

Best Lyrics: “So I gaze in your eyes/And I wonder/Can you take me on?/Your haze that I’m under/Come wake me up”

No Ordinary Love (2005)

Best Lyrics: “When you came my way/You brightened every day/With your sweet smile”

Be Quiet and Drive Acoustic Version (1997)

Best Lyrics: “It feels good/To know you’re mine/Now drive me, far”

Digital Bath (2000)

Best Lyrics: “’Cause tonight I feel like more/Tonight I feel like more”

Digital Bath Cover (2020)

Best Lyrics: “’You move like I want to/To see like your eyes do”

Deftones Songs To Dance To (For Your Reception)

These tracks are guaranteed to make your reception a good time, and can also be used as your reception entrance/exit songs.

Team Sleep – Ever (2005)

Best Lyrics: “You make that dance look so new/And I’m in awe/A face like you’ve never seen/I’m yours tonight”

Cherry Waves (2006)

Best Lyrics: “The waves suck you in then you drown/If like, you’d just stay down with me/I’ll swim down with you/Is that what you want?”

Cherry Waves Cover (2021)

Best Lyrics: “You hang the anchors over my neck/I liked it at first but the more you laughed/The crazier I came”

Minerva (2003)

Best Lyrics: “Such a strange numb/It could bring back peace to the Earth

Sextape (2010)

Best Lyrics: “Cruising through the city/After hours with me/Fusing all our powers/Here’s to all our dreams”

Beauty School (2010)

Best Lyrics: “You’re shooting stars/From the barrel of your eyes/And it drives me crazy/Just drives me wild”

Be Quiet and Drive Cover (2021)

Best Lyrics: “It feels good/To know you’re mine/Now drive me, far”

Change Cover (2019)

Best Lyrics: “And I watched a change in you/It’s like you never had wings/Now you feel so alive”

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