Does The Maid Of Honor Give A Speech?

does the maid of honor give a speech

Congrats — you’re the maid of honor. It’s a great feeling knowing the bride trusts you be her right hand for the wedding. But beyond the fun of planning an epic bachelorette party party or tearing up the dance floor comes more serious responsibilities.

So, does the maid of honor give a speech?

Traditionally the maid of honor gives a speech on the wedding day. Although less common, the couple may ask her to speak at the rehearsal dinner instead. However, couples are more frequently choosing not to have speeches at their wedding, which means there wouldn’t be a maid of honor speech in that case.


Do You Need to Give a Speech as the Maid of Honor?

Tradition dictates that as the maid of honor you should give a speech, but that doesn’t mean you need to.

While it’s an privilege being enlisted as someone’s maid of honor, this is one duty you can skip entirely.

With that being said, there are plenty of reasons you should give a speech (keep reading)!

why the maid of honor should give a speech

Why The Maid of Honor Should Give A Speech

While the maid of honor doesn’t need to give a speech, we highly recommend they does so (unless the bride and groom prefer not to have speeches at their wedding).

Here’s why:

It’s symbolic

Chances are, the maid of honor is either a close friend, a sister, or a relative of the bride.

They’ve also likely been together through thick and thin over the years, which made it an easy choice for the bride to pick her as the maid of honor.

So who better to honor the bride and groom with a heartfelt speech?

It doesn’t have to be long

Most speeches are three to five minutes long, but if the maid of honor wants to give a shorter speech, then that’s perfectly fine too.

Someone can help write it

We’ve done our best to make writing the maid of honor speech as easy as possible (and at no cost), but there are done-for-you options available as well.

Do a twist on the traditional speech

If the maid of honor isn’t sold on giving a traditional speech, then they should consider these alternatives.

when does the maid of honor give her speech

When Does The Maid of Honor Give Her Speech?

The maid of honor traditionally speaks at the wedding reception following the parent speeches. Although less common, the couple may have her speak at the rehearsal dinner instead.

Typically, the couple schedules the maid of honor’s speech during the rehearsal dinner if they’re concerned about time (either there are too many speakers, or they want to make room for other festivities).

If you have a strong preference for speaking at the reception and not the dinner, then politely let the bride and groom know, but be sure to emphasize you’ll keep it short and sweet.

how long should a maid of honor speech be

How Long Should A Maid of Honor Speech Be?

Keep it brief. The ideal length of a maid of honor speech is three to five minutes, with five minutes being the most you should speak for. Any longer than that and you’ll likely bore the audience or cut into other things on the itinerary.

Just remember: The bride and groom typically allocate 15 to 20 minutes for the entire speech portion of the reception, so keep your speech short!

If you find yourself going over time while practicing, then cut down the speech (never speak faster to get under time, always speak slowly and clearly).

what should a maid of honor speech say

What Should A Maid of Honor Speech Say?

A maid of honor speech should include: a brief story about what makes the bride an amazing person, followed by how the bride’s life has changed for the better since meeting the groom, and finally end with a toast to the bride and groom.

If you want a more thorough list of what to say in a maid of honor speech, we’ve included the seven things every speech should have:

  1. Introduce yourself and break the ice with a funny opening line.
  2. Briefly share how you met the bride.
  3. Transition to a funny story about you and the bride (with emphasis on the bride).
  4. Follow up with sincere comments about the bride.
  5. Touch on when you first met the groom and why you think they’ll be a great fit.
  6. Finish off with a closing round of sincerity and best wishes on their future together.
  7. Wrap it up with a toast to the bride and groom.
how do you write a maid of honor speech

How Do You Write A Maid of Honor Speech?

Start writing your maid of honor speech by brainstorming a list of the best memories you have of the bride. From there, consider which story would be easiest to relate in front of a crowd and get started on adding supporting details to flesh out your ideas.

If brainstorming isn’t coming easily, think about your memories of the bride or the couple. What comes to mind? Which memories make you smile or laugh? Which memories make you feel emotional? Once you’ve made a list, choose the best one to base your speech on.

From there, incorporate the list above (what to say in a best man speech) while keeping the following ten things in mind as you write your speech:

  1. Brainstorm whenever you have writer’s block.
  2. Keep your speech concise (under three minutes).
  3. Talk about the bride and her new groom..
  4. Don’t talk about yourself (remember, it’s their day).
  5. Never talk about exes.
  6. Avoid inside jokes.
  7. Be funny (in moderation).
  8. Try to use a common theme.
  9. Practice makes perfect.
  10. Introduce the next speaker (if applicable).
maid of honor speech alternatives

Maid of Honor Speech Alternatives

Are you looking forward to everything except your maid of honor speech? Then we’ve got you covered.

Consider incorporating one of these twists on the traditional speech:

Have your speech at the rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal dinners are generally more informal and intimate, which make them ideal for maid of honors that prefer speaking in front of a smaller, more familiar crowd.

Give a joint speech

If being the center of attention is daunting, consider giving a joint speech. Potential combinations include:

  • Maid of honor and best man
  • Maid of honor and bridesmaid
  • Maid of honor and groomsman

Giving the speech together should make it more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved, not to mention less stressful!

Give a short speech

Keep the speech under a minute, or go straight for the toast, you can’t go wrong either way (but be sure to run it by the bride & groom first).

Print out your speech

If it helps you deliver a stellar speech, then by all means use a print out or note cards.

Skip the speech

There’s no shame in skipping your speech altogether (it’s more common than you might think). Just be sure to give the bride and groom plenty of notice if you go this route.

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