31 Best Eric Church Wedding Songs

eric church wedding songs

If you’re looking for the perfect Eric Church wedding song, then you’ve come to the right place. Our list of his best wedding songs will help you find the right track for every moment of your big day from your first dance, to when you walk down the aisle, and so much more.

Eric Church Wedding Songs

Whether you need a romantic first dance song or a reception entrance tune to energize your guests, you’re sure to find at least one track on our list of the 31 best Eric Church wedding songs that is perfect for your celebration.

Best First Dance Songs

Best Father Daughter & Mother Son Dance Songs

Best Upbeat Songs

Best Slow Songs

Eric Church First Dance Songs

The best Eric Church first dance songs are: You Make It Look So Easy, Love Your Love The Most, and Lone Wolf.

You Make It Look So Easy (2009)

Yeah I’m hard to love and even harder to live with
And I know there’s days when you just want to up and quit
But when it comes to loving’ me
Baby you make it look so easy

Love Your Love The Most (2009)

I love a good loud Honky Tonk that rocks on Friday nights
And hell yes I love my truck but I want you to know
Honey I love your love the most

Lone Wolf (2021)

Now this lone wolf is done runnin’ down the moon
In the daylight dark of the night, this heart is howlin’ for you
Yeah, this lone wolf ain’t lonely anymore

Eric Church Father Daughter & Mother Son Dance Songs

The best Eric Church father daughter and mother son dance songs are: Like Jesus Does, Hippie Radio, and Never Break Heart.

Like Jesus Does (2011)

I always thought she’d give up on me one day
Wash her hands of me, leave me staring down some runway
But I thank God each night, and twice on Sunday
That she loves me like Jesus does

Hippie Radio (2018)

And I took her hand and she just smiled with a look that said, “I know”
A boy and his dad and a boy and his girl and a Pontiac
And a hippie radio

Never Break Heart (2021)

Don’t let fear steal your brave heart
Don’t let doubt take your faith heart
It’s okay to cry
But don’t never break heart

Eric Church Upbeat Songs

Looking for the perfect way to get the party started? These songs from Eric Church won’t disappoint and are also ideal for your recessional, grand entrance, cake cutting and last dance. The best Eric Church upbeat songs are: Drink In My Hand, Heart On Fire, and Lovin’ Me Anyway.

Drink In My Hand (2011)

To fill it up or throw it down
I’m about to tear a new one in this old town
Five, four, three, two, one, I’ll be your rocket man
All you got to do is put a drink in my hand

Heart On Fire (2021)

That look on your face was full of wild desire
Soakin’ my soul in gas and settin’ my heart on fire

Lovin’ Me Anyway (2011)

I know loving me’s never been easy
I’m like a wild card that’s hard to play
But I wanna thank you for loving me anyway

Look Good And You Know It (2021)

You look good and you know it baby
Go on and own it baby
Lord have mercy on my soul
Looks like your rock is on a roll

Smoke A Little Smoke (2010)

Let this ol’ world just spin around
I wanna feel it swing, wanna feel it sway
And put some feel good in my soul
Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke

Hell Of A View (2020)

Ain’t always Heaven, baby
This livin’ on the edge
You holdin’ me, holdin’ you
It’s a Hell of a view

Guys Like Me (2007)

We say that’s just the way we are and the way we’ll always be
So God sends girls like you for guys like me
Thank God there’s girls like you, for guys like me

Livin’ Part Of Life (2006)

So tomorrow I’m taking me fishin’
Hang a sign on the door of my life
Tell the world that I’ve gone missin’
And I won’t be back for a while

Mr. Misunderstood (2015)

They’ll be helpless to your musical charms
And they’ll all hold up their hands
They’ll all wanna dance
Mr. Misunderstood, Mr. Misunderstood

Raise ‘Em Up (2013)

Raise ’em up to the sky
Raise ’em up, show everybody that newborn smile
Raise ’em up tall and strong
Raise ’em up right from wrong

Pledge Allegiance To The Hag (2006)

We tip our hats
And raise our glasses of cold, cold beer
They say country’s fading
But we still wavin’ that flag around here

Where I Wanna Be (2021)

Ooh like a moth to a flame
Ooh I hear her call my name
And I’m down, I’m game, I’m in, I’m free
Wherevеr she is that’s where I wanna bе

Love Shine Down (2021)

Lady let your love shine down
It’s cold and it’s dark in this sinner’s heart
Lady let your love shine down

Eric Church Slow Songs

Looking for something more intimate or mellow? These songs from Eric Church are your best bet and are also ideal for your prelude, cocktail hour, dinner, and background music. The best Eric Church slow songs are: Doing Life With Me, Bright Side Girl, and Heart Of The Night.

Doing Life With Me (2020)

You’re my faith in the grace every sunrise brings
Every big, every little in the every day things
The notes and the words and the songs I sing
To the ones, doing life with me

Bright Side Girl (2021)

She’s my bright side girl
A one of a kind, silver linin’
To lightin’ up my world

Heart Of The Night (2021)

Come on, let’s go baby, don’t even pack
This town feels like a cage and honey, I’m not made like that
I can see the maybe in the jasmine of your eye
I’m a Roman candle baby do you have a light

Holdin’ My Own (2015)

If the world comes knocking
Tell ’em I’m not home
I’m finally holdin’ my own

Some Of It (2018)

When you can take it slow, ’cause time sure won’t
What really makes you a man
Is bein’ true to her
‘Til your glass runs out of sand

Higher Wire (2018)

I don’t why it does but it sure do, don’t it, honey?
Bein’ in love with you is as easy as spendin’ money
Keep me higher than the fog, it’s a-hidin’ my copper line-ups
Yeah, there ain’t no landing gear on this big jetliner

Heart Like A Wheel (2018)

I got a heart like a wheel, baby, let’s go
Get in this heart like a wheel and baby, let’s roll

Carolina (2009)

Like a phone call from my baby
Saying honey I miss ya, I miss ya like crazy
Just like the song of a siren song
Oh Carolina, ya keep calling me home

Solid (2018)

My foundation’s solid
Like a vessel gettin’ tossed on the big blue sea
Tryin’ to knock me off my feet
It’s you that keeps me solid

A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young (2014)

Just thought by now I’d be pushing up daisies
But I’ll gladly stick around if we’re together
So baby, when you bow your head tonight
Could you tell the Lord I’ve changed my mind?
And with you I’d like to live forever

Through My Ray-Bans (2020)

But tonight we don’t give a damn
Wish you could stay the way I see you
Through my Ray-Bans

Broke Record (2014)

I’m a broke record, a broke record
You’ve got my heart-heart skip-skip-skipping a beat
Run the needle through and hit, hit repeat

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