Fun RSVP Card Wording Ideas (15 Great Examples)

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Who says the RSVP card for your wedding needs to be a formal card with a simple yes or no box to check? Yes, wedding invitations and the included RSVP card set the tone for your special day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun.

In fact, if you make your wedding guests smile, there’s a better chance they’ll respond on time, saving you the hassle of coming up with RSVP reminder e-mails or text messages.

Now, on to the fun part! Use this list as a resource of inspiration as you concoct your own clever RSVP cards.

Fun RSVP Card Wording Inspiration

Here are a bunch of fun options you can use for your RSVP card. Use the whole thing, part of it, alter it — whatever you like!

Do you like fun?

At the top of the card, ask something simple, like, “Are you coming?”

Your options are then…

▢  Absolutely, I wouldn’t miss it for the world! There will be __ people in my party. (Include foot options after this)

▢  No thanks. I hate fun!

Make sure to include a deadline at the bottom.

Request a Song

Include a card inside the envelope that has a cassette tape or a compact disc drawn on it, and at the top, include “Song Request.” On the cassette tape or CD drawing, you’ll have a line for the song and a line for the artist.

This is not only fun for your guests, but it can also significantly help your DJ build his or her playlist for the wedding. Think of it as a practical add-on to your invitation and RSVP card.

Give a Reason!

Why stop at a “Yes” or “No’ option on your RSVP card when you can really delve into some fun reasons for attending or declining the invitation. At the top, include a section for names, number of people and dinner option(s). Below that, include two boxes — one for YES and one for NO.

Below the YES, write, “I will be attending because…” and then give the following options:

  • My family is making me
  • I’m in the wedding
  • I’m hoping something crazy happens
  • Free booze. Duh.
  • I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

And then under NO, write, “I will NOT be attending because…”

  • I don’t even know who you are
  • I’m… uh… busy?
  • I have WAY more exciting plans.
  • I’m afraid I’ll get too drunk.
  • I have a prior commitment and am really sad I can’t make it.

Get Excited!

How excited are your guests to attend your wedding? Let them tell you!

On the RSVP card, include the basic information: Name, will or will not attend checkboxes and dinner choice.

To the right or left of that information, include a drawing of a thermometer with four or five lines and ask your guest to fill in the “excitement-o-meter.” Obviously, you’re going to receive RSVP cards with many filled excitement-o-meters!

You can make the RSVP cards more enjoyable to receive by also asking the guest to write a little note to the bride and groom in a provided section of the card.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

This RSVP card works great if your wedding is a buffet where food options aren’t needed on the card.

At the top, ask a question, like, “Coming?” or “Be there?” and then use a large thumbs up graphic next to the first option, i.e., “Absolutely,” and a thumbs down graphic for the second option, “Sorry, dude.”

Include a line at the bottom for the guest(s) name(s).

Double Down on Yes or No

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A traditional RSVP card asks a simple question: Are you attending or aren’t you? Fancier versions of those cards include options, like, “Enthusiastically Attend,” and “Regretfully Decline.” Who talks like that?

Have some fun with those options by including them in your list of options, but also include, “Regretfully attend,” and “Enthusiastically Decline.”

While this is entertaining for the guest, there is a chance they could check the wrong box or be confused and reach out to you asking which is the option for attending.

Either way, the card will definitely stand out from traditional RSVP cards.

Dance Moves

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Dancing is a big part of any wedding. On your RSVP card, find out how good of a dancer your guest actually is.

At the top, include a question in a big font, like, “Can you make it?” or “Can you attend our wedding?”

Below that question, include an empty line for the name(s) and then two options below that:

  • I can’t wait to show off my dance moves
  • You’ll have to dance without me.

Put a Sticker On Your Option

If you don’t need meal information, an easy way for your guests to submit their RSVP card is by picking a sticker and placing it over an “attending” or “can’t attend” box.

This is a fun idea because you can pick stickers that mean something to you and your future spouse’s relationship, i.e., maybe you’re dog people or like a particular movie. There’s literally stickers for everything.

Fun RSVP Cards Inspired by Popular TV Shows

If you and your future spouse are big fans of The Office, Schitt’s Creek or some other popular television show, consider incorporating that into your RSVP card.

The Office RSVP Card

Purchase a digital drawing of Dwight Schrute on Etsy — and make sure it’s a portrait of Dwight when he looks really serious. Include the following text with it:

“Fact. We are getting married.” (And then give the guest their options.)

▢ Bears, Beets, Battlestar galactica… We’ll be there!

▢ Jim couldn’t land me in 1,000 years! (I can’t make it.)

Schitt’s Creek RSVP Card

Again, order a fun graphic of the Rose family from Schitt’s Creek and include the headline, “Oh Schitt, We’re Getting Married!”

For the attendance options, include:

▢ You’re simply the best! (I’ll be there!)

▢ Ew, David, no. (I can’t make it.)

Funny Alternatives for ‘Attending’ and ‘Not Attending’

Every RSVP card includes a section where the invited guest checks “attending” or “not attending.” Have a little fun with some of these alternatives:

Bummer, man

▢ Heck, yeah!

▢ Sorry, dude.

Can’t Commit

▢ Absolutely we will be there!

▢ Sorry, we can’t make it.

▢ Can’t commit. But I’ll probably show up anyway!

Garden Wedding

▢ Come rain or shine, we’ll be there!

▢ We’re feeling gloomy that we can’t make it.

Destination Wedding — Beach

▢ Whoohoo! Counting the waves!

▢ We’re allergic to sand…

Country Wedding

▢ Can’t wait to say, ‘Howdy, y’all!’

▢ We’ve got a hitch in our giddy-ups — sorry!

RSVP Wording Best Practices

We previously covered some top tips for the best wedding RSVP card wording. Consult this checklist to ensure your RSVP cards — no matter how funny and clever they end up being — are clear and easy to understand.

  • Send early. Give your guests ample time to respond.
  • Include a deadline. Bold it, underline it — do whatever you need to do in order to make sure your guests understand when they need to respond by.
  • Use simple fonts. Some cursive fonts are practically illegible. Keep it simple and easy to read.
  • Offer a digital option. It’s easy to mail a letter, but it’s still a chore. Include a website link where the same information can be sent at the tap of a phone screen.

Have Fun With Your RSVP Cards

Weddings are a fun occasion. Don’t let traditional formalities get in the way of you and your future spouse’s personalities.

Using the options above for inspiration, brainstorm some ideas. You’re bound to come up with the perfect RSVP card wording.

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