15 Best Hozier Love Songs

hozier love songs

To save you the time and effort of sifting through all his tracks, we’ve crafted a list of the best Hozier love songs of all time.

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Hozier Love Songs

Here’s our list of the 15 best Hozier love songs ranked by popularity.

1. From Eden (2014)

There’s something tragic about you
Something so magic about you
Don’t you agree?

2. Better Love (2016)

But there’s no better you love
That beckons above me
There’s no better love
That ever has loved me

3. Like Real People Do (2014)

I will not ask you where you came from
I will not ask and neither should you
Honey, just put your sweet lips on my lips
We should just kiss like real people do

4. Movement (2018)

When you move
I’m put to mind of all that I wanna be
When you move
I could never define all that you are to me

5. Almost (2019)

I wouldn’t know where to start
Sweet music playing in the dark
Be still, my foolish heart
Don’t ruin this on me

6. Work Song (2014)

When my time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her

7. As It Was (2019)

The highs hit the heights of my baby
And its hold had the fight of my baby
And the lights were as bright as my baby
But your love was unmoved

8. In A Week (2014)

We’ll lay here for years or for hours
Your hand in my hand, so still and discreet
So long, we’d become the flowers
We’d feed well the land and worry the sheep

9. Wasteland, Baby! (2019)

Wasteland, baby
I’m in love, I’m in love with you
And I love too, that love soon might end
Be known in its aching

10. Sunlight (2019)

All that was shown to me, sunlight
Was somethin’ foreknown to me, sunlight, oh sunlight
Oh, your love is sunlight
Oh, your love is sunlight

11. Would That I (2019)

Where you hold me tight
And the fire bright
Oh, let it blaze alright, honey
Oh, but you’re good to me, oh, you’re good to me
Oh, but you’re good to me, baby

12. Run (2014)

Rare is this love, keep it covered
I need you to run to me, run to me, lover
Run until you feel your lungs bleeding

13. Dinner & Diatribes (2019)

Now that the evening is slowing
Now that the end’s in sight
Honey, it’s easier knowing what you’d do to me tonight

14. Tell It To My Heart (2021)

Tell it to my heart
‘Cause I can’t keep guessing if it’s me you’re missing?
Tell it to my heart
‘Cause the sound of silence is a place we’re dying
Tell it to my heart

15. Jackie And Wilson (2014)

She’s gonna save me, call me baby
Run her hands through my hair
She’ll know me crazy, soothe me daily
Better yet, she wouldn’t care

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