11 Best J. Cole Wedding Songs

jcole wedding songs

If you’re looking for J. Cole wedding songs, our list can help you find everything from love songs to tracks that make you want to dance.

Best J. Cole Wedding Songs

After going through his entire discography, we picked out the best songs for your wedding day and organized them by event.

Best First Dance Song — She’s Mine, Pt. 1

Best Lyrics: “’Cause now you’re here and I just wanna be/Right by your side”

Best Reception Song — Sparks Will Fly

Best Lyrics: “We only need to stay close, in time/sparks will fly”

J. Cole First Dance Songs

The perfect tracks for your first dance.

Pretty Little Fears – 6LACK ft. J. Cole (2018)

Best Lyrics: “You been way more than a friend of mine, we more like fam/I raise you, you raise me, let’s turn this whole life ’round”

J. Cole Reception Songs

These tracks are guaranteed to make your reception a good time, and can also be used as your reception entrance/exit songs.

Work Out (2011)

Best Lyrics: ‘Cause just like them two door Fords/Damn, they don’t make ’em like you no more”

Power Trip (2013)

Best Lyrics: “She got me up all night/Drownin’ out with these love songs”

Note To Self (2014)

Best Lyrics: “Something that holds us together/The strangest feeling but I can’t be sure/Something that’s old as forever”

Dreams (2009)

Best Lyrics: “This is the girl of my dreams/Is she as good as what she seems?/Or am I lyin’ to myself?”

Foldin Clothes (2016)

Best Lyrics: “I said I wanna fold clothes for you/I wanna make you feel good/Baby, I wanna do the right things”

Love Yourz (2014)

Best Lyrics: “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours/No such thing, no such thing”

Like A Star (2011)

Best Lyrics: “Cause baby girl you shine /And we gon’ do it big/And maybe get a crib/’Ey maybe we can live”

Werk Out – OVERWERK Remix (2013)

Best Lyrics: “Money can’t buy you love, ’cause it’s overpriced/Don’t overthink, just hope it’s right”

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