21 Kenny G Love Songs You Need at Your Wedding (A Complete List) 

kenny g love songs

When instrumental music comes to mind, one just can’t help but think of Kenny G love songs. 

The award-winning musician may be hated by critics, but his music is loved the world over with global sales of more than 75 million records, making him the best-selling instrumentalist of all time. And it’s no wonder with his easy-to-listen-to melodies and beautiful saxophone solos.

Known professionally as Kenny G, Kenneth Bruce Gorelick’s success began in 1986 with his album “Duotones.” The 1990s were also huge for the saxophonist, musical composer and producer, with a number of Top 10 hits.

His smooth jazz stylings are equal parts soothing and sultry, making them an amazing choice for your wedding. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate instrumental track for your ceremony or reception, our list of 21 romantic Kenny G love songs can help you find the perfect one for your special day.

Best Kenny G Love Ballads for Your Wedding

If you’re in search of a romantic first dance song, the perfect processional track or a reception entrance song that will make an impression, you’re sure to find at least one tune on our list of the 21 best Kenny G love songs that is a must-have for your big day.

kenny g wedding songs

Best Kenny G love songs

1. “The Wedding Song

Off of his top-selling 1992 album “Breathless,” this saxophone instrumental is a lovely choice for any type of wedding. Equally sweet and romantic, “The Wedding Song” not only sounds great for a first dance or walk down the aisle, it’s appropriately named too.

2. “Forever in Love

This beautifully melodic instrumental piece spent two weeks at the No. 1 position and 33 weeks overall on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart in 1993. This Grammy Award-winning song written by Kenny G would be beautiful for your processional, first dance or even final dance of the evening.

3. “Loving You

From his “Greatest Hits” album, this is one of Kenny G’s most famous love songs. It is equal parts joyful and soulful, making it an amazing choice for your first dance. It would also be beautiful during your ceremony, either while you’re signing the register, or for your exit as husband and wife.

4. “The Moment

The headline song from his 1996 album of the same name, “The Moment” was a Top 20 hit and continues to be a popular choice at weddings because of the beautiful melody and slightly seductive saxophone work. Another solid choice for a first dance, this track could also work during your ceremony.

5. “Songbird

Released in 1987, Songbird became the first instrumental to reach the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 since the “Miami Vice Theme” back in 1985. This song played on soprano saxophone is equal parts soothing and seductive making it a great way to end your reception as your final dance of the night.

kenny g wedding love songs

6. “Sentimental

This smooth jazz number was the third single from 1993’s “Breathless” to reach the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Slightly nostalgic, this song is perfect for a first dance, your processional or even your grand entrance if you want something with a more classic sound.

7. “You’re Beautiful

From 2006’s “I’m in the Mood for Love…The Most Romantic Melodies of All Time,” this song has everything you could possibly want in a love song: a beautiful melody, a full, lush sound and passionate saxophone work in all the right places. This song is versatile enough to use for any part of your wedding.

8. “The Way You Look Tonight

This instrumental cover of Fred Astaire’s 1930s hit song captures all of the love, passion and longing the song is meant to convey. Covered by a myriad of artists from Frank Sinatra, to Tony Bennet to Rod Stewart, Kenny G’s version offers a sophisticated yet simple track that’s perfect for your first or final dance of the night.

9. “You Raise Me Up

Made famous by Josh Groban in 2003, this inspirational ballad sounds just as beautiful with Kenny G’s saxophone taking the place of Groban’s vocals. This song would be absolutely gorgeous for your walk down the aisle.

10. “At Last

A cover of the song made famous by Etta James, “At Last” is a classic wedding first dance song, whether it has lyrics or not. Kenny G’s version will definitely give you all of the feels as you sway on the dance floor with your new spouse.

11. “My Devotion

From 2010’s “Heart and Soul” album, this song is equal measures of easy-listening and jazz, offering a smooth, pleasant experience for the ears. This would be a lovely song for a processional, first dance or final dance of the night.

12. “Going Home

A hit on Adult Contemporary charts, this song has a soothing, comforting sound overlaid with a hint of longing and nostalgia. This would be the perfect last dance song to dance to together as husband and wife before leaving your reception.

kenny g wedding song

Best Kenny G duet wedding songs

1. “Everything I Do, I Do It For You

A duet with pop-country star LeAnn Rimes, Kenny G tackles this Grammy-winning power ballad sung by Canadian rocker Bryan Adams. While Rimes’ voice couldn’t be more different from Adams’, she does it justice with a restrained vocal that doesn’t overpower the saxophone work, making it the ultimate first dance song.

Best lyric: “There’s no love; Like your love; And no other could give more love; There’s nowhere unless you’re there; All the time; All the way, yeah.”

2. “Everytime I Close My Eyes

Kenny G teamed up with R&B singer, songwriter and record producer Babyface for this sentimental love song. This Top 10, Grammy-nominated song even features Mariah Carey on backup vocals, giving you three stars for the price of one. Perfect for your first dance together as husband and wife, it could also work during your ceremony.

Best lyric: “And every time I close my eyes; I thank the Lord that I’ve got you (that I’ve got you) yeah; And you’ve got me too (you’ve got me too)

3. “You Send Me

This remake of Sam Cooke’s classic hit sees Kenny G teaming up with award-winning crooner Michael Bolton. Known for his pop-rock ballads and soulful tenor vocals, Bolton’s collaboration with Kenny G is perfect for a first dance as husband and wife.

Best lyric: “At first I thought it was just infatuation; But oh, it’s lasted for so long; Now I find myself wanting to marry you; And take you home.”

4. “By The Time This Night Is Over

This Top 40 hit features Kenny G’s signature sound and the vocal abilities of R&B star Peabo Bryson for a smooth and sophisticated track that would make a great choice for your final dance of the night.

Best lyric: “By the time this night is over; The stars are gonna shine on two lovers in love; And when the morning comes; Its gonna find us together; In a love that’s just begun.”

kenny g love song

1. “The Joy of Life

Kenny G may be known for his slower, romantic ballads, but this song definitely breaks the mold. Full of joy, just like its name suggests, this would be a great reception entrance song or could be used as an exit song for your ceremony.

2. “Havana

If you’re looking for some Latin flavor to spice up your reception, this dance remix combines Kenny G’s sultry jazz with a driving dance beat. The remix went to No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart in 1997 and is a must for any reception playlist if you want to get people up and dancing.

3. “Fly Me to the Moon

If you like a big band sound, Kenny G’s take on this classic Count Basie and Frank Sinatra song is for you. This track is the perfect final dance song for your reception or could even be used for your grand entrance.

4. “The Way You Move

This Earth Wind and Fire song, featuring Kenny G, is a cover of a hip hop track from Outkast. This jazzier version reached No. 12 on both the Billboard Adult Contemporary Songs chart and Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs chart in 2005, but it remains a great song for your reception playlist.

Best lyric: “You know your love light is my life; I love the way you make me feel, it’s alright; Your kiss will always shine like the light; I like the way you show me, I like the way.”

5. “Midnight Motion

From his ultra-popular 1986 album “Duotones,” this mid-tempo instrumental is the perfect song for making a grand entrance at your reception. It could even work for a choreographed group dance with your wedding party.

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