33 Amazing Lord of the Rings Wedding Dress Ideas

lord of the rings wedding dress ideas

Lovers of fantasy can find no better inspiration for their weddings than The Lord of the Rings.

The fantasy world first created by J.R.R. Tolkien in the 1950s with his epic series of books and later brought to life with Peter Jackson’s film trilogy is not only the perfect theme for a wedding, but offers ideal inspiration for a gorgeous wedding gown.

If you’re looking for a gown that screams romance and beauty with a touch of whimsy, then a Lord of the Rings wedding dress could be just what you’ve been looking for.

To help you in your search for the perfect Lord of the Rings wedding dress, we’ve put together a guide of all of our favorite gowns inspired by Middle Earth fashion.

lord of the rings wedding dress options for themed wedding

Lord of the Rings Wedding Dress Options for a Themed Wedding

Ethereal, stunning, beautiful and unique are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing the Elvish and medieval dresses featured in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Whether you choose to wear an Elvish-style wedding dress or channel the medieval style of female characters like Éowyn, there are a variety of gowns to choose from. Featuring full gossamer sleeves, lace and metallic embroidery, these dresses often have a fitted bodice, a dropped-waist and a softly flowing skirt.  

Here are some of our favorite Lord of the Rings wedding dress options for a Middle Earth wedding.

Arwen dresses

Arwen is definitely the best-dressed elf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, with various stunning dresses in a range of styles and hues, but it is the white gown she wears when meeting up with her love interest Aragorn that is perfect for a wedding. 

These three gowns are similar to the one worn by actress Liv Tyler in the famous romantic bridge scene with fellow actor Viggo Mortensen when she utters her most famous line: “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.”

azazie linnea wedding dress
blaithin wedding dress elven wedding dress celtic fusion design etsy
cotton elven fairy witch medieval aurthurian dress by moonmaiden gothic clothing etsy

Galadriel dresses

Known as one of the most powerful elves in Middle Earth, Galadriel’s style is perfect for your wedding day. Known just as much for her beauty as she was for her wisdom, the elf (played by Cate Blanchett in the movies) was always seen wearing filmy white gowns.

Similar to the types of dresses favored by Galadriel, these gowns feature flowing white sleeves and lace for a truly ethereal look. 

elven queen bridal gown by valkyrie custom wear etsy
medieval dress celtic wedding dress by costureroreal etsy
mirror of galadriel gown by moonmaiden clothing etsy

Éowyn dresses

A noblewoman of Rohan and a fierce warrior who fights alongside Aragorn at the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Éowyn is seen in a variety of outfits, including, of course, her armor. It is her white gown, however, that offers the perfect inspiration for your wedding. 

This is not the only white dress she wore, however. She also wore a gorgeous beaded gown to wed Faramir. Unfortunately, the scene was cut from the movie, but actress Miranda Otto, not wanting their resplendence to be lost to fans, tweeted a pic of their wedding attire.

the guenivere dress emily forsyth bridal
celtic handfasting wedding dress celtic fusion
long sleeve beading sequin wedding dress jesus bridal online us etsy

While not exact replicas, these three dresses capture the spirit of Éowyn’s white gowns.

Medieval dresses

Full sleeves, lace and flowing skirts will give you a medieval meets Middle Earth style that is perfect for any LOTR fan. Rather than trying to mimic a dress seen in one of the movies, these three gorgeous gowns follow the basic theme without being an exact replica.

azazie memphis wedding dress azazie bridal
hayes wedding dress azazie bridal
brigid handfasting wedding dress 2022 celticfusiondesign

Elvish dresses

Elvish wedding dresses follow the classic Middle Earth style, with flowing fabric but are made more elaborate with lace, embroidery and beading. The dresses can be off-the-shoulder or feature a scoop neck and tend to have voluminous sleeves.

These three gowns all have an Elvish wedding look, although the third choice is a modern take on the basic theme.

wedding dress in medieval style nikibride etsy
gilded lily dress katerine feiel
long sleeve white fairy a line wedding dress with handmade flower off the shoulder shindigthreads

Whimsical dresses

Whimsical is definitely one of the first words that come to mind when thinking about a Lord of the Rings-themed wedding dress. A mixture of feminine details and dreamy fabrics that float softly about the body, these whimsical dresses are also a mixture of classic Elvish and modern medieval styles.

montana dress callablanche
marian dress emilyforsythbridal
elven wedding dress lacebridalstore etsy

Lace dresses

Boho lace wedding dresses with the loose, floaty sleeves the elves are known for are a perfect choice for a Lord of the Rings-themed wedding.  Similar to Galdariel’s famous white lace dress, these gowns are a mixture of modern and classic Elvish styles.

bishop sleeve vintage wedding dres rkbridal
allover lace billow sleeve wedding dress davids bridal
elven lace wedding dress by magdalena ciolkowska

Nature-inspired dresses

Nothing says Elvish quite like a dress featuring floral embroidery or other nature-inspired touches. Vines, flowers, leaves and butterflies are all perfect embellishments for a Middle Earth-style dress. Here are three of our favorites.

light champagne tulle lace long dress by shane bridal
flower wedding dress in gray color by tonena
ivory embroidery floral dress catherine yatana

Green dresses

Nothing says Middle Earth quite like the color green. Worn by both Arwen and Éowyn, green is a great choice for any bride who wants a Lord of the Rings wedding dress but doesn’t want to wear white.

The pale green dress worn by Arwen during the final scene of The Return of the King is absolutely gorgeous and is the perfect inspiration for a bridal gown. If it’s perfect for Aragorn’s coronation, it will be equally perfect for saying your wedding vows. If you prefer darker hues, however, Éowyn’s hunter green velvet dress is just as eye-catching.

Here are three gorgeous green LOTR-inspired dresses.

elven fantasy wedding dress medievalcostumes etsy
arwen dress lotr green color by ilona pieragostini
green elven medieval dress by custurero real

Red dresses

While not a traditional wedding dress hue in the Western world, red is perfect for any bride who is non-traditional and wants to make a statement. The red and deep navy dress worn by Arwen as her Elvish immortality begins to fade isn’t for every bride but, if you prefer a slightly goth look for your wedding, it’s the perfect choice.

You can choose from exact replicas of the look or go for an all-red dress in a similar style.

burgundy medieval wedding dress by costurero real
medieval red velvet wedding dress by samuel ma
arwen red wedding dress

Blue dresses

Blue is another hue favored by both Arwen and Éowyn. While finding exact replicas of their gowns could prove difficult, there are plenty of medieval-themed gowns that definitely give off Lord of the Ring vibes. While not a traditional choice for a wedding gown, any of these three dresses will not only make a statement but will complement your LOTR-themed nuptials.

medieval fantasy dress blue color by costurero real
blue dress lady of the lake medieval dress by armstreet medieval
arwen requiem dress by antonio abbruzzese

How to Accessorize Your Lord of the Rings Wedding Dress

Once you’ve found your dream dress, it’s time to think about the perfect finishing touches to match your Lord of the Rings frock.

Tiaras, unique headpieces, cloaks and capes are often worn by the female characters in the LOTR trilogy. If you’re hoping to find the right pieces to top off your look, here are some lovely accessories to consider.

1. Cloaks

While you may find the idea of wearing a robe odd for a bride, there are some unique ways to do so that are perfect for a wedding. If your nuptials are during the warm weather, we suggest opting for a lace cloak that either attaches at your shoulders or is worn like a robe.

If you are hosting a cold-weather wedding, a velvet cloak is perfect for the times you’ll be outdoors, especially if you are planning a snowy photo shoot. Not only will it look gorgeous in photos, a velvet cloak will help keep you warm.

Here are some great LOTR-inspired looks.

romantic hooded lace wedding cloak by bride2bestudio
soft swiss tulle bridal cloak with lace edging and pearls by kirenzabrides
lord of the rings cloak by sapphiresiren
elven cape velvet green hooded cloak by costurero real

2. Veils

If you don’t like the idea of wearing a cloak or a hooded cape, you can stick with a more traditional bridal veil while still staying true to your Lord of the Rings wedding theme. Look for longer veils that attach at the back of the head and feature lace and nature-inspired embroidery. Flowers, vines, butterflies and birds are all perfect features and will play up your LOTR-style dress perfectly.

flowers new bridal veil by valeria etsy
daisy pop flower veil by emily suidikas etsy
butterfly bridal veil by bridal accessories hk etsy

3. Tiaras

Nothing tops off Elvish style better than the perfect tiara in true Arwen or Galadriel style. Whether you prefer something simple and silver or gilded and ornate, there are a ton of tiaras to choose from. Here are three we think are perfect for a wedding.

arwen crown wire wrapped elven buttlefly crown by elvenrosedesigns
arwen bridal vine crown by gardensofwhimpsy etsy
fairy headpiece green goddess tiara by uniscraftworld

4. Headpieces

If tiaras aren’t your thing, but you want to add some extra pizazz to your outfit, a headpiece is a good solution.  You can opt for a simple metal headpiece or go for something girly like a floral crown. Either will flatter an Elvish or medieval-style dress.

Here are three gorgeous examples.

elvish tiara elven fairy crown by oppiaq etsy
sunflower flower crown elven tiara by lolawhiteshop etsy
taliesin elfic wedding tiara by mysticalprops etsy
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