25 Best NEEDTOBREATHE Wedding Songs

needtobreathe wedding songs

If you’re looking for NEEDTOBREATHE wedding songs, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled their best love songs for your first dance, when you walk down the aisle, and so much more!


After going through their entire discography, we picked out the best songs for your wedding day and organized them by event.

Best First Dance Songs

Best Down The Aisle Songs

Best Father Daughter & Mother Son Dance Songs

Best Reception Songs


The best NEEDTOBREATHE love songs for your first dance. Our top picks are: I Wanna Remember, I Am Yours, and The Heart.

I Wanna Remember (2021)

Best Lyrics: “I wanna memorize you, wanna stay here forever/’Cause I, I/I take a picture in my mind so we’re always together/’Cause I, I wanna remember”

I Am Yours (2021)

Best Lyrics: “’Cause I am yours/And you will always be mine/It seems like madness, I’m invited/To the table by your side”

The Heart (2014)

Best Lyrics: “Long live the heart/Long live the soul/That knows what it wants”

Stand By Me (2018)

Best Lyrics: “So darling, darling stand by me/Oh, stand by me/Woah, stand, won’t you stand, stand by me?

Testify (2016)

Best Lyrics: “Give me your heart, give me your song/Sing it with all your might/Come to the fountain and you can be satisfied/There is a peace, there is a love/You can get lost inside”

More Heart, Less Attack – Acoustic Version (2014)

Best Lyrics: “Be the wheels, not the track/Be the wanderer that’s coming back/Leave the past right where it’s at/Be more heart and less attack”

NEEDTOBREATHE Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

The best NEEDTOBREATHE songs for when you walk down the aisle. Our top picks are: Forever On Your Side, Multiplied, and Clear.

Forever On Your Side (2018)

Best Lyrics: “All these pieces they fall in line/Because I’m forever on your side/Take my hand when you can’t see the light/’Cause I’m forever on your side”

Multiplied (2014)

Best Lyrics: “Your love is like radiant diamonds/Bursting inside us, we cannot contain/Your love will surely come find us/Like blazing wildfires singing Your name”

Clear (2016)

Best Lyrics: “Oh, it’s so clear/Come a little closer/All of my love is right here/I just want to hear you whispering you still trust/You’re the only thing that I have ever been sure of”

Let Us Love (2009)

Best Lyrics: “Let us love/Like we were children/Make us feel/Like we’re still living”

Be Here Long (2016)

Best Lyrics: “We don’t get to be here long/I gave you the best of me/Loved you more than anything/But we don’t get to be here long”

A Place Only You Can Go (2011)

Best Lyrics: “Take my notions and words to heart/This is the cry of a man/I can’t bring you fortune or noble life/But I’ll love you all I can”

Nothing Left To Lose (2007)

Use the beginning instrumental (no lyrics)

Something Beautiful – Instrumental Cover (2009)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Forever On Your Side – Instrumental Version (2018)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

NEEDTOBREATHE Father Daughter & Mother Son Dance Songs

The best NEEDTOBREATHE songs for your father daughter and mother son dances. Our top picks are: Banks and Difference Maker.

Banks (2020)

Best Lyrics: “I wanna hold you close but never hold you back/Just like the banks to the river/And if you ever feel like you are not enough/I’m gonna break all your mirrors”

Difference Maker (2014)

Best Lyrics: ”And he climbs on up the hill/On the rock on which he stands/He looks back at the crowd/And he looks down at his hands and he says/I am a difference maker”

NEEDTOBREATHE Dance Songs (For Your Reception)

The best NEEDTOBREATHE songs for your reception. Our top picks are: Great Night, Happiness, and Drive All Night.

Great Night (2016)

Best Lyrics: “Let’s have a great night on the dance floor/I’ll be the cowboy on the white horse/And if we don’t drown when we’re swimming ashore/I’ll be the first in line to get us some more”

Happiness (2016)

Best Lyrics: “So I’m asking you to show me some forgiveness/It’s all for you in my pursuit of happiness”

Drive All Night (2011)

Best Lyrics: “I need a girl that calls me baby/I need to know if she can save me”

Hard Love (2016)

Best Lyrics: “Hold on tight a little longer/What don’t kill ya, makes ya stronger/Get back up, ’cause it’s a hard love”

Money & Fame (2016)

Best Lyrics: “What do you kids wanna know about now?/I made enough to make a young gun proud”

Lay ‘Em Down (2009)

Best Lyrics: “We’re all tied to the same old failings/Finding shelter in things we know”

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