21 Pearl Jam Wedding Songs

pearl jam wedding songs

If you’re looking for Pearl Jam wedding songs, our list can help you find everything from love songs to tracks that make you want to dance.

Pearl Jam Wedding Songs

Of the 21 best songs, we picked out our favorites (along with recommendations of when to play each one).

Best Ceremony Song — Future Days

Best Lyrics: “I believe/And I believe cause I can see/Our future days/Days of you and me”

Best First Dance Song — Thin Air

Best Lyrics: “And I know she’s reached my heart in thin air/Yes I know she’s reached my heart in thin air”

Best Father Daughter Dance Song — Around The Bend

Best Lyrics: “All evenings close like this/All these moments that I’ve missed/Please forgive me, won’t you dear?/Please forgive and let me share with you around the bend”

Best Mother Son Dance Song — Skipping

Best Lyrics: “All of my life from beginning to end/What I remember is holding your hand/And all that I’ll cherish is that time that we’ve spent/Me and you skipping throughout the land”

Best Reception Song — Yellow Ledbetter

Best Lyrics: “Unsealed on a porch a letter sat/Then you said, I wanna leave it again/Once I saw her on a beach of weathered sand/And on the sand I wanna leave it again, yeah”

Pearl Jam Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To (For Your Ceremony)

The best tracks to play during the prelude (when guests arrive), for your processional (when you walk down the aisle) or your recessional (when you exit the ceremony).

Better Man – Instrumental Cover (2018)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Just Breathe – Instrumental Cover (2009)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Just Breathe – Instrumental (2009)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Unthought Known (2009)

Best Lyrics: “Feel the air up above/Oh, pool of blue sky/Fill the air up with love/All black with starlight”

Oceans (1992)

Best Lyrics: “Waves roll in my thoughts/Hold tight the ring/The sea will rise/Please stand by the shore”

Pearl Jam Songs for Your First Dance, Father Daughter, and Mother Son Dances

The perfect tracks for your first dance and family dances.

Soldier of Love (1999)

Best Lyrics: “Lay down your arms and surrender to me/Oh lay down your arms and love me peacefully. Yea/Use your arms for squeezing and pleasing the one that loves you so”

Golden State (2009)

Best Lyrics: “You are the hole in my head/I am the pain in your neck/You are the lump in my throat/I am the aching in your heart/We are tangled”

Harvest Moon – Neil Young Cover (2013)

Best Lyrics: “Because I’m still in love with you/I want to see you dance again/Because I’m still in love with you/On this harvest moon”

Just Breathe (2009)

Best Lyrics: “Oh I’m a lucky man to count on both hands the ones I love/Some folks just have one, yeah others they’ve got none”

Amongst The Waves (2010)

Best Lyrics: “Love ain’t love until you feel it/Up riding high amongst the waves”

Throw Your Arms Around Me (2000)

Best Lyrics: “I will squeeze the life right out of you/I will make you laugh, and make you cry/And we may never forget it/As I make you call my name as you shout it to the blue, summer sky”

Parachutes (2006)

Best Lyrics: “All the dreams we shared and lights we turned on/But the house is getting dark/And I don’t want to know your past/But together, share the dawn”

Wishlist (1998)

Best Lyrics: “I wish I was the pedal brake that you depended on/I wish I was the verb to trust and never let you down”

Pearl Jam Songs To Dance To (For Your Reception)

These tracks are guaranteed to make your reception a good time, and can also be used as your reception entrance/exit songs.

Untitled (1998)

Best Lyrics: “I hope you get this message, or you’re not home/I could be there in ten minutes or so/Oh I got my things, we’ll make it up as we go along/Oh with you I could never be alone”

Sirens (2013)

Best Lyrics: “Knowing that nothing lasts forever/I didn’t care, before you were here/I danced in laughter, with the ever after/But all things change, let this remain”

Even Flow (1992)

Best Lyrics: “Even flow, thoughts arrive like butterflies/Oh, he don’t know, so he chases them away/Oh, someday yet, he’ll begin his life again/Life again, life again…”

Given to Fly (1998)

Best Lyrics: “And he still gives his love, he just gives it away/The love he receives is the love that is saved”

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