17 Best Rod Stewart Wedding Songs

rod stewart wedding songs

If you’re looking for Rod Stewart wedding songs, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled his best love songs for your first dance, reception, and so much more!

Rod Stewart Wedding Songs

After going through his entire discography, we picked out the best songs for your wedding day and organized them by event.

Best First Dance Songs

Best Father Daughter & Mother Dance Songs

Best Down The Aisle Songs

Best Reception Songs

Rod Stewart First Dance Songs

The best Rod Stewart love songs for your first dance. Our top picks are: For The First Time, Have I Told You Lately, and The Way You Look Tonight.

For The First Time (1996)

Best Lyrics: “And for the first time, I am looking in your eyes/For the first time, I am seeing who you are/I can’t believe how much I see/When you’re looking back at me/Now I understand what love is, love is/For the first time”

Have I Told You Lately (1991)

Best Lyrics: “Have I told you lately that I love you/Have I told you there’s no one else above you/You fill my heart with gladness/Take away all my sadness/Ease my troubles, that’s what you do”

The Way You Look Tonight (2002)

Best Lyrics: “Yes, you’re lovely/Never, ever change/Keep that breathless charm/Won’t you please arrange it/’Cause I love you/Just the way you look tonight”

Your Song (1991)

Best Lyrics: “And you can tell everybody, this is your song/It may be quite simple but now that it’s done/I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind/What I put down in words/How wonderful life is while you’re in the world”

You’re In My Heart (1977)

Best Lyrics: “You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul/You’ll be my breath should I grow old/You are my lover, you’re my best friend/You’re in my soul”

What A Wonderful World (2004)

Best Lyrics: “I hear my babies cryin’, I watch them grow/They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever ever know/And I think to myself, it’s a wonderful world/I think to myself, what a wonderful world”

Rod Stewart Father Daughter & Mother Son Dance Songs

The best Rod Stewart songs for your father daughter and mother son dances. Our top picks are: Forever Young and Pure Love.

Forever Young (1988)

Best Lyrics: “And when you finally fly away/I’ll be hoping that I served you well/For all the wisdom of a lifetime/No one can ever tell/But whatever road you choose/I’m right behind you, win or lose”

Pure Love (2013)

Best Lyrics: “Take your time to embrace romance/Teach your children how to sing and dance/Love may hurt but it’s worth the chance/I’ll be right by your side”

Rod Stewart Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

The best Rod Stewart songs for when you walk down the aisle. Our top picks are: All For Love, Rhythm Of My Heart, and Shotgun Wedding.

All For Love (1993)

Best Lyrics: “When it’s love you make/I’ll be the fire in your night/Then it’s love you take/I will defend, I will fight/I’ll be there when you need me/When honor’s at stake/This vow I will make, yeah!”

Rhythm Of My Heart (1991)

Best Lyrics: “Oh, the rhythm of my heart/Is beating like a drum/With the words, “I love you” rolling off my tongue/No, never will I roam/For I know my place is home/Where the ocean meets the sky, I’ll be sailing”

Shotgun Wedding (1993)

Best Lyrics: “People were standing, all around/At a shotgun wedding, here in this town/And I’m a victim oh yea/Of a shotgun wedding/Cause your fathers got a gun/And there ain’t no place to run”

Rod Stewart Dance Songs (For Your Reception)

The best Rod Stewart songs for your reception. Our top picks are: Da Ya Think I’m Sexy, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, and Love Is.

Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? (1978)

Best Lyrics: “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy/Come on sugar, let me know/If you really need me, just reach out and touch me/Come on, honey, tell me so”

Have You Ever Seen The Rain (2006)

Best Lyrics: “I want to know, have you ever seen the rain?/I want to know, have you ever seen the rain/Comin’ down on a sunny day?/Yeah!”

Love Is (2015)

Best Lyrics: “Love is like a burning arrow/It can pierce the coldest heart/Love is warm, love is patient/And the craziest thing you’ll ever start, alright”

It Takes Two (2019)

Best Lyrics: “It takes two baby/It takes two baby/Just me and you/You know it takes two”

What Am I Gonna Do (1983)

Best Lyrics: “One in a million, oh, so rare/A nightingale in Berkeley Square/And baby, I ain’t goin’ nowhere without you/You are the goal that wins the game/The very last bus home in the rain/You’re like rock and roll and champagne/All in one”

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