55 RSVP Response Wording Examples (That Sound Great)

Casual rsvp response wording

Writing wedding invitations and RSVP cards may seem like one of the most boring parts of planning your wedding. But it doesn’t have to be.

Your RSVP response wording doesn’t have to be boring. You can make it fancy, traditional, funny, clever or even sarcastic, if that’s what you’re into. The key is to make it fit your personality and overall wedding vibe.

Here are some great examples that will fit any wedding style.

RSVP Response Wording Examples

Wedding planning can be time consuming and, by the time you get to wording your invites and RSVPs, you may well be feeling uninspired or even downright tired. With that in mind, we’ve crafted a variety of RSVP wording examples for your inspiration. 

So, read on and find the right wording for your RSVP cards!

Traditional RSVP wording examples

Traditional rsvp response wordings

If being funny (or punny) doesn’t match with your personality, here are some classic wording examples that always work.

  1. ▢  Graciously accepts.
    ▢  Respectfully declines.
  2. ▢  Accepts with pleasure.
    ▢  Declines with regret.
  1. ▢ Delighted to attend.
    ▢ Regretfully cannot join you.
  1. ▢ Joyfully accept.
    ▢ Regretfully decline.
  1. ▢ We accept with pleasure.
    ▢ We decline with regret.

Casual but classy RSVP wording examples

Classy rsvp response wording

If you’re having a black tie affair or a fancy celebration of any kind, you probably won’t want to use puns or casual wording. That doesn’t mean you have to use traditional wording, however. Here are some great examples of how to marry casual with class.

  1. ▢ Excited to celebrate with you! 
    ▢ Sad to miss all of the fun.
  1. ▢ We would love to help you celebrate.
    ▢ Best wishes, but not able to come.
  1. ▢ See you there!
    ▢ Sorry, we can’t make it.
  1. ▢ Yes, absolutely!
    ▢ Regretfully, no.
  1. ▢ Wouldn’t miss it for the world!
    ▢ Sorry to miss it.

To-the-point RSVP wording examples

To the point rsvp response wording

Maybe you’re a busy person and don’t have time to think of puns or themes. Or maybe you think your guests will appreciate a no-nonsense approach. If so, these ideas should work for you.

  1. ▢ Absolutely.
    ▢ Sorry.
  1. ▢ Accepts.
    ▢ Regrets.
  1. ▢ Yay!
    ▢ Nay.
  1. ▢ Totally!
    ▢ Bummer.
  1. ▢ In person.
    ▢ In spirit.

Casual RSVP wording examples

Casual rsvp response wording

Not everyone wants a funny one-liner or formal wording on their RSVPs. If you’re a laid back person or want an easy-going vibe for your cards, these examples will offer some inspiration.

  1. ▢ Ready to eat, drink and see you married!
    ▢ Will toast you from afar.
  1. ▢ Will come for sure!
    ▢ Sorry, can’t make it.
  1. ▢ Wouldn’t miss it for the world!
    ▢ Will be there in spirit.
  1. ▢ Yay! Can’t wait.
    ▢ Sad to miss it.
  1. ▢ Yes, can’t wait!
    ▢ Darn, wish we could.

Fun RSVP wording examples

Fun rsvp response wording

If you’re planning a fun, light-hearted wedding celebration, then your RSVPs should match. Here are some great examples for allowing your guests to say yes or no in a fun way.

  1. ▢ Yes, let’s live it up!
    ▢ No, and I’ll forever regret this decision.
  1. ▢ Hell yes!
    ▢ Damn, can’t make it.
  1. ▢ Let the good times roll!
    ▢ You’ll have to party without me.
  1. ▢ Yes, we love celebrating love.
    ▢ Sorry, love is lame.
  1. ▢ Yay, we’re in!
    ▢ Boo, we’re out!

Clever RSVP wording examples

Clever rsvp response wording

From puns to clever sayings, there’s a lot you can do to make your RSVP cards memorable, even if your guests decline your invite.

  1. ▢ Deal me in
    ▢ Sitting this one out.
  1. ▢ Free food? Heck ya, I’ll come!
    ▢ Sorry, gotta wash my hair that night.
  1. ▢ To be (Happily accepts)
    ▢ Not to be (Sadly declines)
  1. ▢ Wouldn’t miss it for the world.
    ▢ The world is not enough.
  1. ▢ Yes, thanks for thinking of me!
    ▢ I’m flattered, but no.

Funny RSVP wording examples

Funny rsvp response wording

If traditional wording isn’t your thing, you may want to show your humorous side. Why not have a few laughs while wedding planning? Your guests will certainly appreciate a chuckle too.

  1. ▢ Will be there, will not be square!
    ▢ Will not be there, I’m square.
  1. ▢ Have waited 2,198 days for this!
    ▢ Bummer, can’t make it.
  1. ▢ Yes, I’ll be the life of the party!
    ▢ Sorry, I’m a party pooper.
  1. ▢ Two words … free booze!
    ▢ I’d rather drink at home.
  1. ▢ I’ll be there with bells on!
    ▢ Why would I want to wear bells?

Song-inspired RSVP wording examples

Some of the best inspiration you’ll find are from the lyrics of your favorite recording artists. Here are a few examples to get you started.

  1. ▢ Yeah, I wanna rock n’ roll all night!
    ▢ Sorry, I can’t get no satisfaction.
  1. ▢ Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody!
    ▢ Sorry, I don’t feel like dancin’.
  1. ▢ I’m comin’ up, so you better get this party started!
    ▢ Who says you can’t stay home?
  1. ▢ Let the good times roll!
    ▢ Roll on without us.

Above the options write: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  1. ▢ Go (let’s party)
    ▢ Stay (I’m no fun)

Themed RSVP wording examples

Beach weddings, fairytale weddings, cowboy or country weddings or any other theme you can think of can be great inspiration for the wording on your RSVP. Here are some good ideas to inspire you.

  1. ▢ See you at the beach!
    ▢ I don’t like sand.
  1. ▢ Giddy up!
    ▢ I’m afraid of horses.
  1. ▢ Yes, it’s a shore thing! 
    ▢ No, we’re just not shore.
  1. ▢ Shell, yeah! We’ll be there.
    ▢ What the shell? We’re staying home.
  1. ▢ Will be there with cowboy boots on!
    ▢ Sorry, I’m staying home with my feet up.

Destination wedding RSVP wording examples

Destination wedding rsvp wording

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you can have a lot of fun with your RSVP wording. Here are some great travel play-on-word examples

  1. ▢ Aye Aye!
    ▢ Nay, can’t find my sea legs.
  1. ▢ On board!
    ▢ Sorry to miss the train.
  1. ▢ Can’t wait to celebrate!
    ▢ Best wishes from afar.
  1. ▢ Booking my ticket!
    ▢ I’m afraid to fly.
  1. ▢ Packing my bags!
    ▢ Lost my suitcase.

Seasonal RSVP wording examples

Using season-themed wording is a great idea for any wedding. Here are some good examples to get you started.

  1. ▢ Wouldn’t miss the winter fun!
    ▢ Sorry, I’m snowed in!
  1. ▢ Wouldn’t miss the festivities!
    ▢ Won’t be joining in the jolly.
  1. ▢ Won’t be joining in the jolly. We’ll be there with blooms on! 
    ▢ Sorry, our plans sprung a leak.
  1. ▢ We’ll be there rain or shine! 
    ▢ Sorry, we’re out of umbrellas and sunscreen
  1. ▢ Looking forward to gathering together!
    ▢ Sorry, our basket is full.

RSVP Response Wording — How to Make it Work

If you think of a great one-liner for your guests to decline your invitation in style, but don’t have an acceptance line that matches, it’s sure to fall flat. That’s why it’s so important to think about acceptance lines in concert with whatever RSVP wording you choose.

Ideally, they should go together as well as milk and cookies or peanut butter and jelly.

For example: 

▢ You can count on me!
▢ Nah, count me out.

Sounds much more cohesive than:

▢ We’ll be there!
▢ Count me out.

Thinking up your RSVP yes or no wording together is sure to bring you better results and make your overall message much more harmonious.

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