27 Shania Twain Wedding Songs

shania twain wedding songs

If you’re looking for Shania Twain wedding songs, our list can help you find everything from love songs to tracks that make you want to dance.

Best Shania Twain Wedding Songs

Of her 27 best songs, we picked out our favorites (along with recommendations of when to play each one).

Best Ceremony Song — You’re Still The One (Piano Cover)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Best First Dance Song — You’re Still The One

Best Lyrics: “They said, “I bet they’ll never make it”/But just look at us holding on/We’re still together, still going strong”

Best Reception Song — Man I Feel Like A Woman

Best Lyrics: “Oh-oh-oh, go totally crazy/Forget I’m a lady/Men’s shirts, short skirts/Oh-oh-oh, really go wild/Yeah, doin’ it in style”

Shania Twain Ceremony Songs

The best tracks to play during the prelude (when guests arrive), for your processional (when you walk down the aisle) or your recessional (when you exit the ceremony).

From This Moment On – Piano Cover (2021)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

From This Moment On – Violin & Piano Cover (2018)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

You’re Still The One – Cover (2020)

Best Lyrics: “You’re still the one I run to/The one that I belong to/You’re still the one I want for life”

You’re Still The One – Piano Cover (2019)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

You’re Still The One – Violin Cover (2021)

Instrumental (no lyrics)

Forever and Ever, Amen (2020)

Best Lyrics: “Oh, baby, I’m gonna love you forever/Forever and ever, amen”

What Made You Say That? (1993)

Best Lyrics: “What made you say that?/Have you been listening to your heart?/It’s too late now, I won’t let you take it back/’Cause I know love’s what made you say that”

Endless Love (2012)

Best Lyrics: “And I, I want to share/All my love with you/No one else will do”

Shania Twain First Dance Songs

The perfect tracks for your first dance.

From This Moment On / You’re Still The One (2018)

Best Lyrics: “From this moment life has begun/From this moment you are the one/Right beside you is where I belong/From this moment on”

From This Moment On (1998)

Best Lyrics: “I give my hand to you with all my heart/I can’t wait to live my life with you, can’t wait to start/You and I will never be apart/My dreams came true because of you”

Forever and for Always (2003)

Best Lyrics: “’Cause I’m keeping you forever and for always/We will be together all of our days/Wanna wake up every morning to your sweet face/Always”

When You Kiss Me (2003)

Best Lyrics: “I can see the two of us together/I know I’m gonna be with you forever/Love couldn’t be any better”

You’ve Got A Way (1999)

Best Lyrics: “It’s in the way you want me/It’s in the way you hold me/The way you show me just what love’s made of/It’s in the way we make love”

You’re Still The One – Cover (2016)

Best Lyrics: “You’re still the one that I love/The only one I dream of/You’re still the one I kiss good night”

The Woman in Me (1995)

Best Lyrics: “’Cause I’m a woman in love/And it’s you I run to/Yeah, the woman in me/Needs the man in you”

Shania Twain Reception Songs

These tracks are guaranteed to make your reception a good time, and can also be used as your reception entrance/exit songs.

Come On Over (1999)

Best Lyrics: “Be a winner, be a star/Yeah, be happy to be who you are/Got to be yourself, gotta make a plan/Got to go for it while you can”

Any Man of Mine (1995)

Best Lyrics: “Any man of mine better be proud of me/Even when I’m ugly, he still better love me”

I’m Gonna Getcha Good! (2002)

Best Lyrics: “So don’t try to run, honey/Love can be fun/There’s no need to be alone/When you find that someone”

Love Gets Me Every Time (1997)

Best Lyrics: “That love gets me every time/My heart changed my mind/And I gol’ darn gone and done it”

You Win My Love (1996)

Best Lyrics: “You win my love/You win my soul/You win my heart/Yeah, you get it all”

Thank You Baby! (2003)

Best Lyrics: “Yeah, thank you, baby/For makin’ someday come so soon/Yeah, thank you, baby/For lovin’ me the way you do”

You Can’t Buy Love (2017)

Best Lyrics: “You can’t buy love/But you can make it/You can’t make sunshine/But you can make love”

Ain’t No Particular Way (2002)

Best Lyrics: “So, don’t give up/You’re gonna get your share/The thing about love/Is that it’s everywhere”

Two Hearts One Love (1999)

Best Lyrics: “Two hearts, one love beating together/I am yours, you are mine/Two hearts, one love always forever/Standing the test of time