Sola Wood Flowers Review

sola wood flowers

When I first stumbled upon sola wood flowers, I was knee-deep in wedding planning and desperate for something unique that wasn’t silk flowers. I didn’t want anything tacky like that, but I couldn’t afford fresh floral…

After seeing ads on Instagram for sola wood, I started to come around to the idea of having sustainable, beautiful flowers that could last beyond just the wedding day! 

If I’m being honest, I LOVED the idea of having faux flowers that were super affordable without the stigma of something like silk. When my sister had her wedding, she used silk and so many people made snide comments.

Anyways, I placed my test order in November, during Black Friday. I received everything really quickly, and then placed my full order in January 2024, for my wedding in February! 

Everything turned out perfectly!

Here’s an overview of what my review will cover. Is it long? Yes! But I wish I had something similar before ordering. So for once, I’ll be the change I want to see in the world. 🙂 

  1. What Sola Wood Flowers are
  2. Customization and options
  3. First impressions
  4. Quality & craftsmanship
  5. Durability and maintenance
  6. Pros and cons
  7. Pricing and Value
  8. Personal Experience
  9. Recommendations
  10. Conclusion
  11. Additional Resources
sola wood flowers reviews what are sola wood flowers

What are sola wood flowers?

Simply put, Sola Wood Flowers are made of wood, which is folded into floral shaped by hand. They can be dyed almost any color, made to be squishy (more on this later!), and make for great bridal florals.

Customization and options! offers a variety of ways to order. I ended up using their “Build It For Me” option for my cascade bouquet, which means their team made my cascade based on theme and colors I picked.

It turned out great, although there was a bit of a wait, which was advertised, so no bit deal. 

I used their DIY option for the rest of my florals because I wanted to save a bit more, and honestly…

It was so much fun crafting with my friends! We dyed the flowers ourselves and assembled everything using their easy to follow tutorials. This took us 2 nights. It was pretty straightforward and really fun with a few bottles of wine.

On their site, they have a dozen themes or so to pick from, I went with Eloise as the blue matched my wedding colors.

If you are going full on DIY – then you can even pick the exact flowers you want. They seem to have 50+ varieties available, and that covers most of the popular options around.

First Impressions & Unboxing

My order from Sola Wood Flowers arrived in a branded box. Everything was packaged really well including my greenery and 10 pack flowers.

The cascade I ordered in Build It For Me was packaged extremely well. I was surprised to be honest! They used a cardboard insert thingy to hold it in place, and tons of bubble wrap.

The flowers themselves were totally not what I expected – in a good way!

I had them use the sola softener treatment on them, which made them squishy. They flowers are super lightweight. When you flip them over you can see exactly how they are handmade, which is kind of crazy for the price.

Quality & Craftsmanship

As alluded to above, I was really, really impressed. The flowers are clearly handmade the exact way the site describes them. 

My cascade they made was SO nice in person. I don’t think the photographs on their site does a good job of showing just how awesome they actually are!

Durability and Maintenance

I saw tons of brides online asking how long sola wood flowers last, how long they can store them before the wedding, etc… 

For some reason, I don’t think people understand these are made of wood! Just like your house…they’ll basically last forever!

I have had my initial test order flowers for a few months, and my full order for a little bit now. They look basically the same as when they arrived. Other than dusting them once…they’re fine! 

I put some of my leftover bridal florals from sola wood in vases after my wedding, and use them for home decor.

Pros & Cons of Sola Wood Flowers

What I like:

  • Affordable, these were way, way less than normal flowers.
  • Better & more interesting than silk flowers – no stigma of using “fake” flowers.
  • Can be colored any way you want.
  • Lots of themes to pick from.
  • Strangely good quality for the money.
  • Customer service was helpful, I recommend calling in to have them help if you’re confused about anything.
  • Stress free – no need to worry about anything wilting.

What I didn’t like:

  • The choices were a little overwhelming at times.
  • The site can be a little confusing to use.
  • The options…holy, there are so many options! I’m going to say it twice.

Pricing and Value & My Personal Experience with

Superb. I mean, they are literally like 50% – 70% less than normal flowers, and even less than silk flowers!

My favorite part is that I didn’t have to deal with people making snide remarks about my fake flowers during my wedding. When my sister used silk for hers, she constantly had people saying things like, “wow these look pretty good for SILK”.

During my wedding, people were instead asking what they were, and even if they could take them home. Needless to say, I was happy!

Prices on the site were really good, I found that even the greenery was cheaper than Michaels, Teemu, and other websites. Quality was excellent too. Definitely not the weird broken stuff you see at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

sola wood flowers reviews

Who should use

Sola is perfect if you’re a cost conscious bride that wants stress-free customizable flowers. If you aren’t crafty, use their Build It For Me option. Although, you don’t really need to be super crafty to use the DIY option to be honest. It wasn’t super hard to figure out, especially with their tutorials.

Because of the above, I’d recommend giving the DIY option a shot, even if you aren’t crafty. Maybe for your initial order when you see if you like Sola. Although, in hindsight, I wish I had just ordered everything at once.

Additional Resources for Learning About Sola Wood Flowers

I like their website tutorial section a lot here:

The official YouTube tutorials are great as well, here’s an example:

Finally, I’d just spend some time, probably on a desktop computer, browsing the site and checking out the themes!

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