21 Best Trace Adkins Wedding Songs

trace adkins wedding songs

If you’re looking for the perfect Trace Adkins wedding song, then you’ve come to the right place. Our list of his best wedding songs will help you find the right track for every moment of your big day from your first dance, to your parent dances, and so much more.

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Best Trace Adkins Wedding Songs

Whether you need a romantic first dance song or a reception entrance tune to energize your guests, you’re sure to find at least one track on our list of the 21 best Trace Adkins wedding songs that is perfect for your celebration.

First Dance Songs

Father Daughter Dance Songs

Upbeat Songs

Slow Songs

Trace Adkins First Dance Songs

The best Trace Adkins songs for your first dance. Our top picks are: The Rest Of Mine, It Was You, and I Can Only Love You Like A Man.

The Rest Of Mine (1997)

No, I can’t swear, that I’ll be here
For the rest of your life
But I swear I’ll love you
For the rest of mine

It Was You (1996)

It wasn’t the moon up above
That had me fallin’ in love
It was more than all those things
Alone could do
It was you

I Can Only Love You Like A Man (1996)

There ain’t no knights in shinin’ armor
There ain’t no never-never land
And I won’t ever walk on water
I can only love you like a man

Still Love You (2010)

Someday when the ocean
Turns it’s back on the shore
And heaven is the only place
We can run to
Yes, I will still love you

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Trace Adkins Father Daughter Dance Songs

The best Trace Adkins songs for your father daughter dance. Our top picks are: Just Fishin’, Then They Do, and You’re Gonna Miss This.

Just Fishin’ (2011)

She ain’t even thinkin’ about
What’s really goin’ on right now
But I guarantee this memory’s a big’in
And she thinks we’re just fishin’

Then They Do (2003)

I swear that I can’t wait until they grow up
Then they do, and that’s how it is
It’s just quiet in the morning
Can’t believe how much you miss
All they do and all they did

You’re Gonna Miss This (2007)

These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you’re gonna miss this

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Trace Adkins Upbeat Songs

Looking for the perfect way to get the party started? These upbeat songs from Trace Adkins won’t disappoint and are also ideal for your recessional, reception entrance, and last dance.

The best Trace Adkins upbeat songs are: Where The Country Girls At, Hillbilly Bone, and Ladies Love Country Boys.

Where The Country Girls At (2021)

Where the country girls at?
Where they gon’ be?
The ones that like to dance
The ones that like to drink

Hillbilly Bone (2010)

We all got a hillbilly bone
Down deep inside
No matter where you from
You just can’t hide it

Ladies Love Country Boys (2006)

They raised her up a lady
But there’s one thing they couldn’t avoid
Ladies love country boys

One Hot Mama (2003)

You’re one hot mama
You turn me on, let’s turn it up
And turn this room into a sauna

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (2005)

Lord have mercy
How’d she even get them britches on
That honky tonk badonkadonk

Sweet (2008)

You see mama knew my taste in women
She’d say whatever you do
Boy find one that’s sweet
Mama, I finally found one
That I’d like you to meet

Dangerous Man (2006)

All the things I want to do
All the things I want to say
I never met anyone
Ever made me feel this way

No Thinkin’ Thing (1996)

There’s nothin’ that we need to analyze
There ain’t no rhyme or reason why
‘Cause this ain’t, this ain’t, no thinkin’ thing

Brown Chicken Brown Cow (2010)

But every now and then
They get a strong desire
To crawl up in the hay
And set the barn on fire

Hold My Beer (2010)

Yeah, no, no, just hold it, no
I wasn’t givin’ it to you to drink it
Oh, it’s gone now
Never ask the preacher to hold your beer

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Trace Adkins Slow Songs

Looking for something more intimate or mellow? These slow songs from Trace Adkins are your best bet and are also ideal for your prelude, cocktail hour, dinner, and background music.

The best Trace Adkins slow songs are: My Heaven, Watch The World End, and Ain’t No Woman Like You.

My Heaven (2005)

My heaven is where I am now
On the front porch of the wood frame house
Swingin’ with you just lookin’ around
At all I’ve been given, and this life I’m livin’

Watch The World End (2013)

And I’d steal a kiss
From your sweet lips one last time
And I wouldn’t be afraid
As long as your hand was in mine

Ain’t No Woman Like You (2006)

Thought I knew love
But now I know what I was missing
Because there ain’t no woman like you

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