The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Your Wedding at Home

the ultimate guide to cerebrating your wedding at home

If you’re already living in your forever home or have a property in your family that you just adore, have you ever considered celebrating your wedding at home? 

Home and backyard weddings are more popular than you might think. They allow you to combine a unique, sentimental experience with a much more manageable budget than some of the more extravagant venues out there. A home or garden wedding is also a wonderful way to have absolute control over the big day and make it as memorable as possible.

Let’s explore the benefits of a backyard wedding and then look more closely at the logistics and planning involved to ensure your big day is successful.

benefits of backyard home wedding

Benefits of a Backyard Wedding

There are many reasons you may choose to hold your wedding at home. You may have a sentimental connection to your house, or you may feel like it’s the best way to keep control of an event that can quickly unravel. The main benefits to keep in mind when marrying at home include:


Holding your wedding at home allows you to choose a date that suits your schedule. This is ideal if you want to marry at the height of wedding season and all those popular venues are booking up fast. The pricing always takes a hike in wedding season, so if you can organize an amazing home wedding without huge costs, why wouldn’t you? The freedom and flexibility to choose any date you like is a real bonus when it comes to wedding planning.

Money Matters

As already mentioned above, your budget goes a lot further if you plan a wedding at home. You can use the money you would have spent on a venue on other important elements of your big day or save it for an amazing honeymoon. Of course, you’ll need to factor in rental fees for essentials such as furniture. It still works out much more affordable than the alternative.

Intimate Guest Lists

If you’ve been under pressure to invite everyone you know and their cousin to your wedding, then a home ceremony could be the perfect (and stress-free) way of keeping your guest list to the intimate few you want to spend your special day with. Your home and yard have limited space, so you can invite only the people you really want to attend.

Guests aren’t just limited to the Human Kind

If you’re a huge animal lover and your pets are as much a part of your family as any human, why shouldn’t they be part of your wedding? While some venues allow pets, there are usually additional costs and very strict rules. Your pets can be themselves and be part of the big day at home. They’ll also enjoy the day much more without the stress of travel and an unfamiliar environment.

logistics to consider for your home wedding

Logistics to Consider for Your Home Wedding

While you may think you’re ready to hold an amazing bash right now, there are some serious logistical considerations to keep in mind when planning your big day at home. While they shouldn’t put you off an amazing home wedding, you need to be mindful of all these points and ensure you’ve got everything in the right place before the big day.

1. Power Supply

Your home wedding is going to need some extra power to get it off the ground. From additional lighting to your sound system and on-site food preparation and heating equipment, the power your home uses is going to increase significantly.

Some people opt to rent additional generators to support their home energy supply, and you can also check in with your vendors to see the power they’ll need. You may find some caterers bring their own power supply, and the same is sometimes true for DJs and musicians.

2. Yard Setup

We will talk more in-depth about planting and yard maintenance later, but ensuring your best blooms are on display for the big day takes a little planning. Some people opt to hire professional landscapers to prepare their yard for the big day, but if you have a garden you’re proud of, there is no reason you can’t cultivate something beautiful yourself.

3. Insurance and Permits

No one wants to think about the boring side of things when wedding planning, but you need to protect yourself against the worst-case scenario.

It is best practice to check in with your homeowner’s insurance provider and see what is covered should there be damage inside or outside your home. You should also ensure all your vendors have appropriate insurance too.

It is also important to check whether you need a permit to hold a large party at your home. Some cities and municipalities will have limitations on what they allow, so it’s better to find out before booking vendors and getting deep into your plans. Local regulations to consider include noise ordinances, zoning issues, fire codes and health department regulations.

4. Restrooms

If you’re hoping to invite a relatively large party to your wedding, then you need to think about restroom facilities. You will probably find additional toilets are required, and there are a wide range of quality, clean and comfortable portable toilets that won’t make your special day feel like a grungy festival.

5. Neighbors

Your neighbors might be guests at your wedding, but if not, you need to keep their rights and considerations in mind.

Give them notice a month or two before the big day so they’re aware you might have a noisy occasion coming up, and it helps ensure they can rearrange any of their own plans for that day or even take it as an opportunity to spend a night out of town.

Your neighbors may also have concerns about parking for your wedding, so you should do all you can to listen to their concerns and provide acceptable solutions.

6. Parking

Permits for your area may also include some information about on-street parking in your neighborhood. Some of your guests are bound to drive, and you should ensure they can park safely if they do. If street parking isn’t possible, then consider sourcing a valet service to park cars safely nearby for your guests.

7. Clean-Up

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. You don’t want to have to worry about tidying up, and hiring a cleaning service could be an extra special wedding present to yourself! Caterers often clean up after themselves, but you may need to hire an additional cleaning service to get your home back to its best after the wedding celebrations are over.

planning tips for your backyard wedding space

Planning Tips for Your Backyard Wedding Space

Beyond the logistics and essentials for your wedding day, the space where you plan to say your vows is vitally important. These tips will help you create the perfect garden backdrop to your big day.

Color Scheme

It is natural to lean towards nature’s color palette when planning an outdoor wedding. You can, of course, choose any color scheme you like, but a beautiful backyard wedding should make use of the natural beauty around you. Draw colors from your flowerbeds, grasses and trees and use contrasting shades to create vibrant features and accent décor.

Planting for your Wedding

As soon as you know your wedding date, you can begin preparing your yard. And with a year to go, you can start landscaping with your big day in mind.

The color scheme you choose may determine the plants you choose to grow, and you can opt for bold blossoming sprays and beautiful natural shades in perfect harmony for your special day. Japanese wisteria and blossom are popular choices for wedding settings due to their beautiful, romantic appearance.

With enough time, they can grow perfectly for the summer wedding you’ve been dreaming of. While the wedding may take place in a tent or marquee, the outdoor space is essential for photo shoots and to ensure your home plays a role in your wedding.

Scene Setting for your “I Dos”

The ceremony is the highlight of the wedding day, and you need to do all you can to make the location and moment shine. You may opt for a natural or architectural backdrop or something which simply resonates with you and your partner. Ceremony arches and backdrops add that classic and traditional look, but you may have your own way of doing things. The important thing is to make it special.

Reception Styling

The reception space for your wedding should be casual and enjoyable but also reflect the style of your overall event. Tents are popular for home weddings, and you can do all sorts of arty and creative things with a simple tent space.

From floral hangings to elaborate light fittings, you can make your reception space as romantic and unique to you as any formal venue. Be clever with lighting and create separate spaces within your reception area. You can have a separate bar area, relaxation space and, of course, the dance floor. You can continue the theme from your ceremony into your reception space and ensure a cohesive and inviting environment for all.

Your garden is somewhere you know intimately already, and with the right planning support and guidance, you can make it into the most amazing space for your celebration. Investing in the right vendors and rental firms is important, as is ensuring you can hold the party of your dreams. It’s also important to remember the power of nature and the impact this may have on your plans.

home wedding weather

Never Underestimate Mother Nature

Even the sunniest states can let you down when you least expect it, so planning is vital to ensuring your day is not disappointing if rain starts to fall. You cannot control nature or weather patterns, but you can create an environment that is enjoyable and inviting, whatever the weather. You should ensure your guests are comfortable and relaxed, even if the sun doesn’t stay out.

Great little perks to provide for your guests include mini gift bags with insect repellent, sunscreen and even a pair of shades in case they’ve forgotten their own. Citronella candles can form part of your table centerpieces to keep the bugs away, and if you know a chill is likely to set in, be sure to have plenty of soft fluffy blankets to guests to cuddle up under in the evening.

Having a plan B does not mean you expect your special day to fail. It simply means you are organized and ready for any eventuality. If you want a backup for your outdoor ceremony and your home is large enough, you could even consider moving everything indoors.

There are plenty of options, so don’t worry about Mother Nature ruining the magic of your day. Many inspirational wedding photoshoots even incorporate the less than spectacular weather with couples kissing in the rain or loved up under matching “Just Married” umbrellas. Your people and your setting make your wedding extra special, not how nature chooses to behave.

amazing at home wedding

An Amazing At-Home Wedding

A lot of people are on tighter budgets than they were a few years ago. You could choose to look at this as a negative, but in reality, it’s a chance to get extra creative and, for soon-to-be newlyweds, make the most of your beautiful home and yard.

As well as the financial gain, you also get to have the final say and absolute control over every element of your special day. You will need to draw up plenty of lists and invest in specialist vendors used to coming out to people’s homes, but there is no reason it cannot be the most amazing and unique wedding celebration you have ever experienced.

Home is often said to be where the heart is, and if it’s your wedding venue, you too even more power is added to this age-old phrase. Keep our tips in mind when planning your at-home celebration.

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