Wedding Wishes: 215 Authentic Ways to Offer Congratulations

wedding wishes

A wedding is one of the most special occasions in a couple’s life. As a friend or family member of the soon-to-be married couple, it’s important to offer your best wishes for their future together.

Wedding wishes should not only match the style of the wedding, they are also contingent on your relationship with the bride or groom. Black tie weddings require more formal wishes while beach wedding wishes can be more casual. Religious ceremonies should be acknowledged with faith-based wedding wishes and sentiments written to family members and close friends should be more personal.

If you’re not a writer by trade, you may be at a loss on what to say that sounds both sincere and appropriate. Our guide of 215 wedding wishes has something for every situation and style of wedding so you’re sure to find at least one that suits your personality.

Wedding Wishes Etiquette: What to Write in a Card

From formal weddings to beach nuptials to religious vows, every wedding is different. If you’re unsure what to write in a card, our guide breaks down wedding wishes by category so you can choose an appropriate sentiment that matches the situation.

No matter which one you pick, these thoughtful wedding wishes will make your card memorable.

formal wedding wishes

Formal wedding wishes

If you’re attending a formal event, then the sentiments you pen inside your card for the bride and groom should match. Here are some lovely, formal wedding wishes to choose from.

  • Wishing you all the best on your wedding day and the years ahead.
  • Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow.
  • Wishing you much love on this joyous occasion.
  • Best wishes on this wonderful journey of love and marriage.
  • May the years ahead be filled with love and laughter.
  • May this day be the first of many amazing memories you share together.
  • May the love you share today grow stronger with every year that passes.
  • May your union bring you more joy than you could ever imagine.
  • Wishing you a long, happy and successful marriage.
  • May today be the beginning of a long and beautiful life together.
  • Thank you for letting us share in this joyful day. 
  • Wishing you joy, love and many blessings as you begin your new life together.
  • Best wishes to you both on this joyous day.
  • May the love and happiness you feel today continue to grow with each passing year.
  • Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you on this momentous occasion. 
casual wedding wishes

Casual wedding wishes

If formal isn’t your thing, a simple message can work just as well. Here are some more laid-back ways to wish the happy couple your best on their wedding day.

  • Best wishes to you on your wedding day.
  • Best wishes on your new life together.
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your wedding!
  • We’re so happy for you both.
  • Wishing you lots of love and happiness on this special day.
  • We love you. Congratulations!
  • Wishing you lots of love today and always.
  • Here’s a little something to start your life together. (if you’ve included a check or a gift)
  • Hugs and kisses.
  • Wishing you a long and happy marriage.
  • Here’s to a long and happy marriage!
  • Wishing you the best today and always.
  • So happy to celebrate this special day with you.
  • Best wishes to a beautiful couple.
fun and humorous wedding wishes

Fun and humorous wedding wishes

If you want to bring a bit of fun to your card — and the wedding you’re attending isn’t formal — then opting for a light-hearted or humorous quip could be just the ticket. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

  • Thanks for inviting us to eat and drink while you get married. Congrats!
  • As Bill and Ted said, “Be excellent to each other.”
  • Our marriage advice to you: Love, respect and… do the dishes.
  • You actually make this “until death do us part” thing look appealing. Congratulations!
  • Thank you for inviting us to your celebration of love! Let’s get the party started!
  • Congratulations on your marriage. Let the fun begin!
  • Your relationship has all the right ingredients: a heap of love, a helping of romance, a pinch of humor and a sprinkle of patience. So say “I do” already! Congrats!
  • Glad we got to break out our dance moves in honor of such a great couple. 
  • You two are like peanut butter and jelly. You’re made for each other!
  • Congratulations on your wedding, may you always be able to put up with each other!
  • Thanks for the free booze. Lots of love to you both!
  • Yay! You have officially become one: one bed, one remote, one bathroom! Congratulations on your union!
  • Cheers! Here’s to a life full of love and laughter, and a whole day of party food and free alcohol!
  • You’ve finally found someone who understands your weird jokes. Hold onto them forever!
  • What better way to celebrate love than with a huge party? Best wishes on a long, happy marriage!
faith based wedding wishes

Faith-based wedding wishes

If you’re attending a religious ceremony or you know the couple is devout in their faith, acknowledging that in your card with an appropriate phrase can be very thoughtful. Here are some generic and specific faith-based greetings.

  • May your marriage be blessed.
  • Wishing you a love that’s as strong as your faith.
  • Sending you prayers for a lifetime of love and happiness.
  • A love like yours is such a blessing.
  • Wishing you a blessed life together.
  • May your life together be filled with joy and many blessings.
  • Sending love and prayers for a beautiful day and life together. 

Christian wishes

  • May God bless you abundantly today and always.
  • God bless you both with a lifetime of love and joy together.

Jewish wishes

  • Mazel Tov on your wedding day!
  • May all of the days ahead be lived happily ever after. Mazel Tov!

Muslim wishes

  • Allah created a soul and divided it in two. He has joined these two souls together again in marriage! You are meant for each other. Happy wedding day!
  • May Allah strengthen the bond that keeps your hearts together and bless your souls with faith and love for each other. Congratulations! 

Hindu wishes

  • May you be forever blessed with prosperity and riches on all levels.
  • May you both be eternally happy.
bible quote wedding wishes

Bible quote wedding wishes

If the couple marrying is Christian, then what could make a better wedding wish than a quote about love or marriage from the Bible? They will love that you took the time to share a favorite verse with them.

  • “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” — 1 Corinthians 13:13
  • “Be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.” — Ephesians 4:32
  • “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” — Mark 10:9
  • “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” — 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
  • “I have found the one whom my soul loves.” — Song of Solomon 3:4
  • “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” — Romans 12:10
  • “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.” — Proverbs 3:3
  • “Serve one another through love.” — Galatians 5:13
  • “Let all that you do be done in love.” — 1 Corinthians 16:14
  • “No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” — 1 John 4:12

Wedding wishes for your child

Finding the right words for your son or daughter’s wedding card can be difficult when you’re feeling so excited and emotional. Here are some ideas to help you pen a heartfelt message the newlyweds will never forget.

  • We are so happy to gain a new member to our family today. Our love and best wishes to you both.
  • Best wishes to my son/daughter and son-in-law/daughter-in-law as you start your new life together.
  • We love you both so much. We are so excited for you!
  • We are so proud of you both and wish you lots of love and happiness.
  • Our deepest love and very best wishes to you both on this joyous day for our family.
  • Son/daughter, we’re so happy you’ve found someone wonderful to share your life with. Best wishes to you both.
  • We know we’re not losing a son/daughter. We’re gaining a son/daughter and are so happy to welcome you to our family. We wish you a wonderful life together.
  • Congratulations to our son/ daughter and our new son/daughter-in-law! Best wishes on starting your new life together.
  • Today we gain a son/daughter and we couldn’t be happier! Much love to you both.
  • We are so happy to celebrate this wonderful day with you. We love you both!
  • The wedding of our son/ daughter is such an incredibly special day! May the love and joy you two share last forever.
  • As parents, we couldn’t be happier to welcome our new son/daughter-in-law to the family! Best wishes to you both.
  • We wish you both all of the love and happiness in the world. We are truly proud parents. Here’s to a lifetime of creating happy memories!
  • We are so proud to call you our son/daughter, and we are very happy to have your new husband/ wife in our family. Our deepest love and best wishes for you both on this special day.
  • To my son/ daughter, our best wishes to you both. We’re so happy that you’ve found someone that fills your life with love and joy. 

Wedding wishes for your sibling

Looking for just the right words for your brother or sister’s wedding card? Here are 15 great options to choose from, no matter what your style.

  • I’m so lucky to have such an amazing sister/ brother, and now I gain an amazing sister/ brother-in-law too! Lots of love now and always.
  • Wishing nothing but love, joy and happiness to the both of you on this wonderful day! Well done little/ big sister/ brother, I’m so happy for you!
  • I always wanted another sibling and now I get to have one. I am so happy you found each other.
  • Congratulations to my best friend and sister/brother and new sister/brother as you start your life together. May you have a marriage full of love and happiness!
  • Lots of love and happiness to you both on this exciting and joyful day for our family.
  • Today, I am excited to gain a new sibling. I love you both so much. 
  • Lots of love to the best sister/brother and her/his new partner for life. I wish you many years of joy together.
  • (Bride/groom’s name), you bring my sister/brother so much joy. All my love to you both on your special day!
  • I’m eternally grateful to have a sister/brother like you. I wish you and your new husband/wife lifelong joy and happiness.
  • (Brother/sister’s name), I am so pleased you’ve found the love of your life. My love and very best wishes to you both.
  • It seems like just five minutes ago we were playing ‘house’ as children, and now you get to do it for real. I couldn’t be happier for you both. Congratulations on your marriage!
  • Remember when you made that list of qualities of a ‘perfect man/woman?’ Well, you found him/her. And I’m so pleased that you did! Congratulations to you both!
  • Lots of love to the best sister/ brother I could ever have asked for. I can’t wait to welcome your new husband/ wife into the family! Congratulations to you both on finding one another!
  • Congratulations to my best friend and partner in crime growing up! I’m so happy to watch you start this new chapter of your lives together. I hope every day is full of love and happiness for you both!
  • Dear sister/brother, I can’t believe it’s your big day! It feels like only yesterday we were playing bride and groom dress up, and now you are doing it in real life! Congratulations and best wishes for your special day!
wedding wishes for your parents

Wedding wishes for your parent

Whether your parent is remarrying or taking the plunge for the first time, here are some heartfelt greetings to pen in your wedding card.

  • [Name of stepparent], you make my mom/dad so happy. I am so happy to welcome you to the family.
  • Mom/Dad, I’m so happy you found someone to share your life with. We love you both. Congratulations! 
  • I’m thrilled you have found each other. Best wishes!
  • Welcome to the family. Congratulations, we love you both!
  • Best wishes for your special day, Mom/Dad. We are so happy for you both and look forward to welcoming (new stepparent’s name) to the family.
  • Mom/Dad, thank you for all of the wisdom you’ve shared with me over the years. I’d like to return the favor by offering you this advice: [Fill in your own advice].
  • I’m overjoyed to see you so happy. Best wishes for your future together. Love you lots.
  • Mom/Dad, we love you. [Name of stepparent], welcome to the family. We look forward to getting to know you better.
  • I’ll give you the advice you once gave me. [Fill in your parent’s best love advice.]
  • You’re the best Mom/Dad any kid could ask for and we love you so much! Congratulations and best wishes on your new life together.
  • To the best mom/dad I could ever ask for, and his/her new husband/wife. May your life be filled with much happiness.
  • So now we get to enjoy [stepparent’s name]’s cooking on holidays? Score! (Or fill in anything you really like about your new stepparent.)
  • Congratulations on your marriage. We’re so thrilled for you both!
  • Mom/Dad, we’re so happy you found someone amazing to share your life with. Congratulations to you both!
  • Congratulations on your special day, Mom/Dad. We’re looking forward to many wonderful memories with you and ( new stepparent’s name).

Wedding wishes for a family member

Struggling to find the right words to wish your family member your best on his or her wedding day? One of these greetings is sure to work whether you’re offering best wishes to a cousin, aunt or uncle.

  • What a wonderful addition to our family. Congratulations and best wishes for your big day. 
  • We’re so happy to welcome a new family member into the fold. Congrats!
  • We’re so happy [name] has found ‘the one.’ Welcome to the family!
  • We’re so delighted to share this day with you both. May today be the first of many wonderful days together.
  • May the joy you feel today last a lifetime. Best wishes to you both!
  • Today is an exciting day for our family. We are so happy that we get to spend the day celebrating the next step of your lives together.
  • We’re so happy to share in your celebration. Congratulations and welcome to the family!
  • We couldn’t be happier to call you both family. We love you both.
  • Thanks for letting us be part of your big day! Best wishes for a long and happy future together.
  • Today, we add a new member to our family, and we couldn’t be happier. Best wishes to you both.
  • Love and hugs. May today be the beginning of a lifetime of happiness together.
  • We’re delighted to share this special day with you. Wishing you both all the best.
  • Sending all of our love on your big day. We couldn’t be happier to welcome (person’s name) into the family! Congrats!
  • We’re thrilled to be able to call you both family. We wish you a marriage filled with love and happiness.
  • We are honored to spend the day welcoming one more member to our family. May the joy of today last for a lifetime. 

Wedding wishes for a friend

Good friends deserve the very best of wishes on their big day. Here are a few ideas to wish your pal well in a meaningful way.

  • To the best of friends; wishing you a lifetime of happiness together on your big day!
  • Congratulations! I can’t imagine two people more perfect for each other. Much love and happiness.
  • To my dear friends on your special day! Wishing you both your perfect happily ever after!
  • I feel blessed to have a friend like you, and am thrilled you found someone as amazing as (bride/groom’s name) to spend your life with. Wishing you a future filled with love and joy.
  • We’ve had a lot of laughs together over the years. May you always make each other laugh and fill each other’s hearts with joy.
  • I feel so privileged to have shared so many happy memories with you throughout our friendship. But today tops them all! Best wishes to you both!
  • Thank you for inviting me to celebrate with you on your special day. I am so happy to witness the beginning of this new chapter in your lives. Best wishes!
  • I hope you bring as much happiness and laughter into each other’s lives as you’ve brought to mine. Wishing you both a long and happy marriage.
  • Wishing you both a long future together filled with love and laughter. Congratulations my friends!
  • We’re so thrilled to celebrate this wonderful day with you both and look forward to many wonderful couples nights in the future!
  • Congratulations to an awesome friend and his/her new husband/wife. All the best!
  • Of all the big life events we’ve celebrated over the years, today tops the list. Congrats to two amazing people! We love you both.
  • I’m so happy to call you both my friends. Congratulations on your marriage!
  • May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to me over the years. Wishing you a wonderful marriage!
  • Here’s to love and friendship! All the best in your life together!
wedding wishes for co worker

Wedding wishes for a co-worker

Writing wedding wishes for a co-worker can be hard, especially if you aren’t super close. Here are a few ideas for everyone from your best work buddy to the co-worker you don’t know very well.

  • Thank you for inviting me to share this day with you and your family. Congratulations to you both.
  • I’m so glad to have gotten to know you at work, and I wish you and your new husband/wife a lifetime of happiness.
  • Best wishes to a very cool co-worker and his/her new husband/wife for a long and happy life together.
  • Wishing you success and happiness in your marriage.
  • You’ve got a new title: husband/wife! Wishing you and your spouse the very best as you start your life together.
  • May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy. Congratulations!
  • What a wonderful day to celebrate my co-worker and his/her spouse. May you enjoy many wonderful years together.
  • Lots of love to you on your special day! It’s a pleasure to work with you and to share this celebration with your friends and family.
  • Many thanks for inviting me to share in your big day. Wishing you a lifetime of making amazing memories together. 
  • Thank you for being a wonderful colleague and a good friend. I wish you and your new husband/wife a lifetime of happiness.
  • Congratulations and best wishes to a lovely coworker and his/her new husband/ wife.
  • Wishing you love, success and happiness on your wedding day. 
  • What a wonderful day to spend celebrating the best co-worker anyone could ever ask for. Wishing you both the very best for your future together.
  • May your love grow stronger each and every passing year. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your wedding day! Wishing you both a long and prosperous future together.

Wedding wishes for a vow renewal

Celebrating love for a second time with the same person is a special thing. Here are some of the best ways to express your congratulations to the happy couple.

  • Best wishes as you renew your vows! May you have many more wonderful years together.
  • You are both so dear to us and we are thrilled to join you as you reconfirm your love. Sending you our best wishes for the future.
  • Best wishes on your wedding anniversary and vow renewal ceremony. Thank you for sharing your declaration of love with us.
  • Congratulations on your vow renewal ceremony! We pray that you are blessed with as much love and joy as when you both first said “I do.”
  • Wishing you a wonderful day as you exchange your vows once again. Best wishes in your next chapter together.
  • You are such an inspiration to us. We can think of no better example to follow in our own marriage. Congrats!
  • May this next chapter in your lives be just as beautiful as the first.
  • Congratulations on your vow renewal day! We can’t wait to watch you both reaffirm your love for each other.
  • Your love has only gotten stronger over the years and we feel so blessed to have witnessed your devotion to each other. We love you both!
  • You have both shown those around you how to love and be loved as a couple. What an inspiration you are to us all. May you have many more wonderful years together.
  • You are such a beautiful couple. Best wishes on many more fulfilling years together.
  • We feel so privileged to be part of this special occasion, celebrating the love you bring to the world and to each other. 
  • You have proven that love can stand the test of time, congratulations! We wish you all the very best and a happy future together.
  • What an exciting day for you both! Best wishes to you as you look to the future together.
  • Your first 20 years were amazing — and I know the next 20 and more will be even better. Congrats to both of you!

Wedding wishes for an elopement

An unexpected wedding may leave you at a loss for words. Here are some thoughtful ways to offer best wishes to a friend or family member who has eloped.

  • We’re thrilled to hear the news of your union! Sending you both all the best.
  • Cheers to this awesome adventure. May it be the first of many.
  • You guys rock, and we have no doubt your elopement did too. Congratulations, newlyweds.
  • A little birdy told us you two got married. Such amazing news! Congrats!
  • Major congrats are in order! Wishing you many years of love and happiness.
  • Yay, it’s official! Wishing you a beautiful marriage with many more adventures together.
  • What a wonderful surprise. So happy for the two of you.
  • Wow, such great news! Wishing you all the best in your new life together.
  • Sometimes the best things in life come as a surprise. Your union is no exception. Congratulations to both of you!
  • We just heard your happy news. So pleased for both of you. All the best!
  • What can we say other than congratulations? Wishing you all the love in the world.
  • Such great news! May your love grow stronger each and every day. Best wishes to you both.
  • Congrats on your big news. Hope it is the first of many wonderful things for you both.
  • What wonderful news. Wishing you both much love and happiness as you start your lives together.
  • This is such wonderful news. Congratulations on your marriage and best wishes for the future.
wedding wishes you cant attend

Wedding wishes when you can’t attend 

Even if you can’t attend a wedding, you can make the day even more special with a thoughtful sentiment or two penned in your card to the newlyweds. Here are some good ideas to get you started.

  • We wish we could be there with you to let you know how special you both are to us. Enjoy your special day!
  • We’re so happy for you and wish we could be there with you. We wish you all the love and happiness in the world! Congratulations!
  • Wishing you a wonderful day from far away. All the best from both of us!
  • We’ll be with you in spirit on your special day. We can’t wait until we can celebrate with you properly. 
  • We’ll be thinking of you both on your big day. Best wishes on a long and loving life together.
  • We know you’ll be a beautiful bride, (bride’s name). Our best wishes to you both on your marriage.
  • We are sorry we can’t be there to celebrate your day with you. Wishing you a lifelong love and a life full of joy.
  • Dear (names of bridal couple), sending you all the best on your wedding day from miles away! You make such a lovely couple.
  • We wanted to let you know how happy we are for you both. All the best on your special day!
  • Looking forward to seeing photos of the wedding, but for now, please accept our love and best wishes for a beautiful life together.
  • Our most heartfelt apologies that we are not able to celebrate your special day with you. 
  • Warmest wishes on your wedding day. Sorry we couldn’t be there.
  • Congratulations on sharing your wedding vows. Can’t wait to see your wedding photos.
  • We can’t make it to witness your “I dos” but we are sending all of our love and best wishes.
  • We wish we could be there to celebrate with you, but we’ll be toasting you from far away. Best wishes!

What to Write in a Card When the Wedding Doesn’t Happen

When a wedding is postponed or canceled, sending a card can definitely brighten the day of your friend or family member. Whether the wedding is postponed or canceled completely, we can help you pen the perfect card.

wedding wishes postponed

What to write for a postponed wedding

Whether a wedding is postponed because of illness, a family emergency or other circumstances, it is always disappointing to the bridal couple. Here are a few words to offer in such situations.

  • We just wanted to say: Your wedding will be special no matter the day.
  • Your big day will be special, no matter when it is.
  • Good things come to those who wait. And your wedding is no exception.
  • Just let us know when the big day is and we’ll be there with bells on.
  • Your patience and flexibility have proven what a wonderful couple you are.
  • We know you’re disappointed, but we’re always here for you both. 
  • We’ll never turn down a chance to party — whatever the date, we’ll be there.
  • Your wedding will be beautiful no matter when it is. We can’t wait to celebrate with you both.
  • Before, during and after the wedding day — we’re here for you both all the way.
  • Even the best of plans have to be put on hold sometimes. But we know when your wedding does happen it will be worth waiting for.

What to write for a canceled wedding

A canceled wedding may leave you feeling awkward and at a loss for words. But, trust us, your friend or family member will appreciate hearing from you. Here are a few appropriate sentiments to offer.

  • Sending you hugs, kisses and warm wishes. Remember, we’re just a phone call away.
  • Your strength is such an inspiration. Wishing you all the best on your journey.
  • Sending so much love your way. If you need anything, let us know.
  • We will always trust and support your decisions. Sending love your way.
  • We’re proud of you and we love you.
  • You are one of the strongest people we know. We love you so much.
  • You’ll never walk alone as long as we’re around. Call if you need us.
  • We’re sorry and we’re thinking of you.
  • So sorry to hear the news. We know better times are ahead and we’re sending lots of love your way.
  • Nothing will ever take away our love for you.
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