You May Now Kiss the Bride Alternatives (Unique Ways to Celebrate the Big Moment)

you may now kiss the bride alternatives

If you’ve ever attended a wedding, the most anticipated moment is when the officiant finally says the words: “you may now kiss the bride.” It’s the final act before the bride and groom are announced as a married couple. 

But with wedding traditions adapting and changing, many couples are prioritizing personalization over tradition. If you’re one of these couples and you want to explore different ideas to mark your big moment, keep reading. There are many other exciting ways and words to seal your marriage.  

Changing it up is a good idea if you’re not comfortable with public displays of affection or want something that is more unique and meaningful to you. Maybe you want to keep the traditional kiss but wish to rephrase the words to something more personalized. Whatever your reason, it is your big day, and the choice is up to you.

Just don’t forget to discuss your “you may now kiss the bride” alternatives with your officiant to make sure he or she is on board. 

Alternative ways to celebrate the moment 

If you want to do away with the kiss, here are some alternative ways to commemorate the big moment. You can choose not to kiss the bride and incorporate one of the following options instead.

give a hug

Give a hug

If you’re shy and uncomfortable kissing with an audience, you can give a hug instead. It’s a more subtle gesture of love and a great way for you and your partner to show your affection for each other as the officiant announces you as husband and wife. 

plant seeds or tree

Plant seeds 

Whether it’s for a tree or a potted plant, planting seeds will be a symbolic, long-lasting, and eco-friendly memory of your special moment. You can take the plant home with you, and every time you nurture it, it will remind you of your big day. If your venue permits you to plant a tree, you and your partner can come back to see it grow like your love for each other. 

release something doves

Release something 

Releasing two white doves or a whole lot of butterflies into the air is a great way to signify the beginning of your lives together. But if you aren’t keen on incorporating any animals in your wedding ceremony, you can also have a bunch of bubbles released around you and your guests. A bubble machine or a giant bubble wand should do the trick. Not only is it a pretty sight, but it is also a much more eco-friendly option than balloons or sky lanterns.  

take a selfie

Take a selfie 

Snapping a selfie is a playful way to celebrate the moment and capture it too. You can also make it inclusive for everyone by capturing your guests in the background. This is especially perfect if you have chosen to host an intimate wedding but would like to share the special moments with all your guests who couldn’t attend your big day. 

You can upload the selfie on your social media and enjoy the virtual love that pours in from your followers and friends. 

include your pet

Include your pet

Involving your pet in your nuptials is a cute way to celebrate. At the end of the wedding ceremony, you and your new spouse can plant a kiss on your furry friend. All of the animal lovers in the audience will love it. 

a flower shower

A flower shower 

As soon as the officiant pronounces you married, throw flower petals into the air to highlight the moment. If you want to make this even more exciting, you can burst open a giant flower petal piñata. It’ll be a pretty sight, and you’ll end up with some stunning photos.

pop a bottle

Pop a bottle 

Pop a bottle of champagne, pour and clink your glasses with your spouse. A toast is a festive way to mark the moment. If you have an intimate wedding, make sure all your guests have a glass to toast your new beginning too. If you’re feeling extra festive, you can even take your first shot as husband and wife. 

do a little dance

Do a little dance 

Cue your favorite song, whatever it is, and break out into a dance. Gracefully twirl and dip or burst into some fun choreographed moves. Your guests will love it, and it’ll be a perfect build-up for all the dancing at your reception. 

sing a love song

Sing a love song

If you or your partner are vocally gifted, singing a duet is a cute way to mark the beginning of your lives together. Friends and family will enjoy the performance, and it’ll be something you remember forever. If singing is not your talent, but you want to have fun with it anyway, you can choose an upbeat song for karaoke and ask all your guests to join in. 

You May Now Kiss the Bride Alternatives: Words and Phrasing

Perhaps you’d like to keep the traditional kiss without the traditional language. Some couples feel the phrase “you may kiss the bride” is a little outdated. Changing the language removes the permission-granting aspect and gives the kiss the celebratory feeling it deserves.

If you’d like to rephrase the original pronouncement but are lost for words, one of our suggestions might resonate better with you or at least inspire you to find your own words. These are some fresh takes on the traditional pronouncement and leave the option open for you to kiss, hug or do whatever you want to celebrate your moment.

  • “May your first act as a married couple be one of love. Over to you.”
  • “You may now kiss each other for the first time as husband and wife.”
  • “You may now seal your vows with a kiss.”
  • “Let’s clap for the start of your married life.”
  • “Introducing the new Mr. And Mrs. This is the beginning of your adventure together.”
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