33 Best Zac Brown Band Wedding Songs

zac brown wedding songs

If you’re looking for the perfect Zac Brown Band wedding song, then you’ve come to the right place. Our list of their best wedding songs will help you find the right track for every moment of your big day from your first dance, to when you walk down the aisle, and so much more.

Zac Brown Band Wedding Songs

Whether you need a romantic first dance song or a reception entrance tune to energize your guests, you’re sure to find at least one track on our list of the 33 best Zac Brown Band wedding songs that is perfect for your celebration.

Best First Dance Songs

Best Father Daughter Dance Songs

Best Upbeat Songs

Best Slow Songs

Zac Brown Band First Dance Songs

The best Zac Brown Band first dance songs are: Free, Sweet Annie, and Whatever It Is.

Free (2008)

We’ll end up hand in hand
Somewhere down on the sand
Just me and you

Sweet Annie (2013)

Come a little closer so I can show you
My heart still beats fast for you
All over, and over again

Whatever It Is (2008)

I don’t know what to do
And every time I try and tell her how I feel
It comes out “I love you”
You got whatever it is

Mango Tree (2015)

Just us two
Nobody else will do
‘Cause baby, you’re the only one for me
Underneath the mango tree

Zac Brown Band Father Daughter Dance Songs

The best Zac Brown Band father daughter dance songs are: The Man Who Loves You The Most and I’ll Be Your Man.

The Man Who Loves You The Most (2020)

I hope you find a guy that treats you right
On your wedding night, I’ll raise a toast
Hope he understands
I’ll always be the man that loves you the most

I’ll Be Your Man (2015)

Go have a ball
Take every chance that you may
You know I’ll be one call away
I’ll always be, I’ll always be your man

Zac Brown Band Upbeat Songs

Looking for the perfect way to get the party started? These songs from Zac Brown Band won’t disappoint and are also ideal for your recessional, grand entrance, cake cutting and last dance. The best Zac Brown Band upbeat songs are: God Given, The Woods, and Jump Right In.

God Given (2019)

Gucci bag, stacks on stacks
Diamonds fill up the champagne glass
Veyron whip, G5 high
You have class that they just can’t buy

The Woods (2019)

You might get low, I might stay high
To each their own, ain’t that right?

Jump Right In (2013)

You can jump right in
Let the music pull you in
You can jump right in
Oh, and lose yourself again

Old Love Song (2021)

Stand by me darling, you keep me free falling
When you say nothing at all
Girl, put your records on
Let me love you like an old love song

Homegrown (2015)

I got some good friends that live down the street
Got a good lookin’ woman with her arms ’round me
Here in a small town where it feels like home
I’ve got everything I need and nothing that I don’t

The Wind (2012)

Close your eyes babe, take a breath
Say my name and I’ll be there
My love will find you anywhere
Anywhere my love

Loving You Easy (2015)

You make loving you easy
You make loving you all I wanna do
Every little smile and every single touch
Reminds me just how much it all makes
Loving you easy

Chicken Fried (2008)

You know I like my chicken fried
Cold beer on a Friday night
A pair of jeans that fit just right
And the radio up

Natural Disaster (2012)

She’s like rain
She rolls in
But there’s sunshine in her thunder
She’s coming around the bend
She’s holding lightning in both hands

Toes (2008)

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand
Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand
Life is good today, life is good today

Beautiful Drug (2015)

You’re such a beautiful drug
I can’t get enough
Addicted and I’m dying for a hit of your love

Different Kind Of Fine (2008)

She’s a lawyer’s queen, a trucker’s dream
With a baseball hat fit for a queen
A genuine, a different kind of fine

Knee Deep (2010)

Never been so happy
Never felt so high
And I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise

As She’s Walking Away (2010)

Wise man next to me did say, ’bout the one that got away
Son, I missed my chance
Don’t you let regret take place of the dreams you have to chase
Ask her to dance, go on son

Island Song (2012)

Walking with the beach to my left
Sea to my right
And I might get faded at the Tiki bar tonight

Castaway (2016)

Pour me another one
Make it a strong one
We’re gonna have some fun tonight

Family Table (2017)

So won’t you come on in?
Supper’s almost done
Go ahead and call your friends
‘Cause we got room for everyone

Your Majesty (2017)

Found a better man waking inside of me
The nature of your beauty puts my mind at ease
And I’m humbled in the presence of your majesty

Remedy (2015)

Pray to be stronger and wiser
Know you get what you give
Love one another
Amen, amen

Same Boat (2021)

We’re all in the same boat
Fishin’ in the same hole
Wonderin’ where the same time goes, and money too

Zac Brown Band Slow Songs

Looking for something more intimate or mellow? These songs from Zac Brown Band are your best bet and are also ideal for your prelude, cocktail hour, dinner, and background music. The best Zac Brown Band slow songs are: Love & Sunsets, Quiet Your Mind, and Real Thing.

Love & Sunsets (2021)

Lord knows land and luck
And pick-up trucks
And diamonds don’t come cheap
Thank God, love and sunsets are free

Quiet Your Mind (2010)

Quiet your mind
Soak it all in
It’s a game you can’t win
Enjoy the ride

Real Thing (2017)

One kiss, and you blew my mind
An All-American kind of fine
You a know a, good woman is hard to find
Ain’t nothing like the real thing

My Old Man (2017)

My old man
I hope he’s proud of who I am
I’m trying to fill the boot of my old man

Harmony (2019)

Harmony, gee I really love you
And I want to love you forever
Dream of never, never, never leaving harmony

Roots (2017)

My roots always keep me grounded
Roots, remind me where I’m from
Even when I’m a thousand miles away from my roots
I’m home

No Hurry (2012)

Let the world go on without me
Wouldn’t have it any other way
Cause I ain’t in no hurry today

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